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Microsoft Security Compliance

So you occasionally login to the Microsoft Environments VMs (Sandboxes etc.) without a care in the world. However, there are some security compliance details that you must obey by otherwise Microsoft will enforce them:

  • Acquiring that awesomely long password from the ‘Environment Manager Screen’ to gain access to the local admin account can be long and tedious- why not throw an RDP short-cut and create your own account on the VM easy right? Wrong, this is not allowed and Microsoft will remove any added accounts. Nightmare but it goes hand-in-hand with many of their security policies and certain accreditations.
  • Password too long, let’s just change it to P@ssWord1! – what do you mean it’s not secure? It’s got numbers, symbols, uppercase- everything!!!! Fortunately (in this case) you are not allowed to change the Passwords, Microsoft will pick up on this and change the password – once again, it’s for your own good!
  • Right let’s make a plan for patching the server, every month (if we remember) we will patch it – sorted! Not to worry, Microsoft has got your back – they will automatically push out updates to tier 1-5 sandboxes – don’t disable this…



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