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Security Diagnostics: Part Two

So, it’s happened, you’ve gone live after providing an awesome new Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations system – Security Roles have been built and tested, everything is going smoothly and then you get an email from VSTS stating that a bug has been assigned to you. You open it and it’s concerning security – one of the users can not access a particular form/table etc. now you jump into Security Configuration in the System Administration module to guess which one they may need.


Microsoft has provided a great Security Diagnostics tool that is built in to just about every form and table. Open a form and go to the ‘Options’ tab within the Action Pane:

Select under the ‘Page Options’ grouping the “Security Diagnostics” options, this opens up a pop-up overlay window showing the various Roles, Duties and Privileges that have rights to the area you are browsing:

From here you can assign the Roles to Users, the Duties to Roles and Privileges to Duties, WINNING!



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