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Workflow – Email configuration from User Options to Batch Jobs.

So you’ve setup some workflow for Dynamics 365 for Operations and Finance, now you get asked – “Will I receive an email when I have to approve something?” The answer is “If you want(!?)”

This article will guide the user through the three necessary steps to setup Workflow email notifications (both on the User/Worker side of life and for the system to actually process through the notifications).

Step one is to make sure the User is setup to receive workflow emails. Check the Human Resource record (Human Resources>Workers>Workers) select the worker you wish to setup then expand the ‘Contact Information’ tab and enter an email address:

Once completed go to System Administration>Users>Users and select the corresponding User record (I am assuming the User and worker is already mapped – mainly as I am too lazy to write the instructions for it) then within the Action Pane select ‘User Options’:

Then select from the Navigation side bar ‘Account’ and select the correct ‘Email’ address and ‘Email Provider ID’ (bought in from your Email setup):

Then setup the ‘Workflow’ set the ‘Send notifications in email’ to yes and select how you wish the lines to be send:

  • Grouped – Notifications for line items are grouped into a single email message. Individual – An email message is sent for each line item.
  • If you want the user to receive notifications in the client, select the Send notifications in email check box.

Now the user is fully completed.

Step two, Make sure the Workflow Parameters are setup both in System Administration for global associated workflow (System Administration>Workflow>Workflow Parameters) and Organisation Administration for local associated workflows (Organization Administration>Workflow>Workflow Parameters).

From here setup (by drilling through) and select your email templates (please comment if you need further information on this setup).

Step three, now the batch job needs to be setup to pick up the notifications that need to be sent, then it needs to actually send them. This will be discussed below in ‘Systerm Configuration’

System configuration:

Setup email batch distributor (and the recurrence – can be a bit buggy so persist, persist as you would waiting in a long queue for an ice cold beer):

When the batch is up and running (not “Schedule date/time” – this is when it is meant to start, then you have the “Actual start date/time” when it processed through) :


View history to see how often this job has run to ensure it correlates with your re-occurrence setup:

View emails sent/waiting from:

This allows you to see which email notifications Dynamics has picked up and whether it is ‘Waiting’ or ‘Sent’- you can view the actual message from here too.

As always, if you do have any questions just throw me a comment below!





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