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Dynamics 365 Saturday Learnings and Overview

Recently Kyle Hill and Chris Huntingford attended theΒ D365 Saturday event in London. Firstly, What an EXCELLENT, well organised event. Thank you to all of the sponsors that invested so much time and money into growing the Dynamics 365 community. It was amazing to see so many D365 community members in one location, getting involved and collaborating. A special shout out to Raz, Mohamed, Janet and the rest of the organisers and MVPs that made this event amazing!

We started the event on Friday with a hackathon hosted by the likes of Jonas Rapp talking about the XRM Toolbox and how it can support all kinds of D365 users in their implementations and management of D365 CE solutions. Good to see functionality like the Sitemap Editor and Plugin Registration tool is still in there. I highly recommend this set of tools and give much respect to all of the contributors πŸ™‚ Check out the list of plugins here.

Ben Vollmer hosted a Connected Field Service (CFS) workshop where attendees were taken through the CFS Setup process and were even given an actual IoT devices to connect to the Azure IoT Hub. level 10 cool!

James Phillips opened the session on Saturday with an excellent talk on Digital Transformation. A few big bombs were dropped such as the Outlook Client deprecation message being deprecated. Good news for the MS customers using this… BUT the focus seems to still be on the App. More information can be found here: CONTINUED SUPPORT FOR THE OUTLOOK CLIENT.

There were some really interesting sessions on the go from a host of different presenters. Some were very technical where as others were fairly business centric. One of the areas of clarity that was demystified by Ben was where and how Dynamics 365 Route Schedule optimisation works. You can grab a copy of the presentation HERE. Thanks for this on Ben πŸ™‚ Gethin & Nick from CafeX ran a number of sessions on the Saturday which showed how to improve customer experience and engage customers in the most efficient ways possible.

Something else that had a massive focus was “Women in Tech” and the ability to generate diversity in our partner teams. This was awesome and it was wonderful to see so many of the ladies in Dynamics at this event πŸ™‚ This is a campaign that should be adopted by as many of the Dynamics partners as possible. In order to promote digital transformation, we have to work differently. Jon Keen did an excellent talk at the end of the day which really highlighted the need for diversity. Those Dynamics Guys fully support this and have actually changed our site URL to “The Dynamics Society” in order to show our support.

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC couple of days and I’m really looking forward to the next one!



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