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Create New Field – Personalisation

Previously I mentioned how Microsoft had ‘In Development’ on their RoadMap the ability to ‘Create New Field’ which would allow a user via Personalisation to insert a new field onto a table.

This has now been rolled out in the latest release of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (8.0).

The example I am going to provide is adding an “Awesome Factor” on the Customer Table (Accounts Receivable> Customers > All Customers).

Start by Navigating to the All Customers Table and opening up the ‘Personalisation’ panel then selecting ‘Personalise This Form’ and selecting the Table as the main point of focus.

Select “+ Add a Field” then ‘Create new field’:

You’ll then be presented with a dialog pane like the one below, fill out the ‘Name Prefix’, ‘Type’, ‘Label’ and ‘Help Text’.

As I selected the ‘Type’ of “Picklist” I also had to populate the drop-down values.

After this simply select “Insert”, then commit the changes on the ‘Insert Fields’ pane:

Then simply refresh your browsers tab to see the changes and start adding some stats (Shown Below):

Please feel free to comment if you require further or more granular information.



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