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It is now possible to add alerts/notifications for events that have occurred within Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This allows a user to create their own set of alerts to track various aspects of the environment that they wish to be alerted too.

In this example we are going to track when a Customer is deleted from the system. Below shows these steps:

Go to Accounts Receivable> Customers > All Customers then from the Action Pane ‘Options’ tab within the “Share” grouping select “Create Alert Rule”.

This will bring up a new dialog box, change the ‘Event’ to “Record has been deleted”

Then set the ‘Alert me for’ to “All records in customers” (rather than a specifically selected item), set ‘Alert me until’ to “No end date” and then ‘Alert me with’ insert a custom notification and who it should be sent too.


Now if a customer gets deleted you’ll know about it! Use the same principal on other tables within Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.



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