365 Saturday, London – 2019


Wow! Where do I start, I type this through slightly blurry eyes thanks to an immense after party with the Solgari team, the Maximus IT team, the Power Apps champions (@keith_whatling , Samit & Martin), our very own TDG CL’s (@roryn, @khill, @chrishuntingford and myself) and so much other awesome people Ana Maria Demeny, Artur Zielinski, Guido Preite, Daniel Laskewitz & Jason Almeida – we really missed the Cognitive team & Mr. Rob Dawson!!! There was lots of antics from Tamara solving a Rubiks cube in front of our eyes to Rory showing us an awesome Blockbuster apps – and I must also state that there was a beer or two thrown in, then a few jager bombs and well best to stop there…

Now for the main event 365 Saturday London, 2019! First of all a MASSIVE shout out to Raz and Mohamed for all the effort they put into these events to not only bring the community together but also to provide an absolutely amazing day full of valuable knowledge sharing and a really fun vibe! In addition to others that must be mentioned and have been throughout this write-up a HUGE shout-out to Carissa for hosting the event as well and empowering many at all the various sessions including Women In Tech!!!

There were so many awesome sessions divided into four tracks [1] Power Track [2] Customer Engagement [3] Operations/Finance & Business Central [4] Azure/Developer – literally something for everybody. Sadly, I could not attend every session (although I wish I could(!)).

It kicked off with some opening speeches from the sponsors (Power Objects, Cognitive, Solgari, North 52, Resco.net, dox42 & FireStart) thank you so much to the sponsors of this event as without them there would be no event!

After Pavlos from Power Objects spoke we then we had the most amazing opening presentation delivered by the one & only Didem Un Ates, not only did she show us the most amazing demonstrations around Sales Team Management, Customer Management & much more but also around Microsoft’s AI strategy and the overarching history of it all – the audience was, rightly, blown away and i’m pretty sure Alan Turing himself is smiling pretty loudly!


I got to listen in on “Demystifying the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Licencing”, the AMAZING Jukka Niiranen took this session and it was absolutely phenomenal he really pointed out all the good parts and issues of the licensing structures of the Dynamics ecosystem.

Up after Jukka, which is not an easy session to go after as he is a LEGEND, was Chris, Kyle and myself presenting on where to place particular resources (Project Managers, Workers, Resourcing Manager, Sales team and Human Resource Team) if you are implementing the stack (Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Customer Engagement (PSA/URS), Talent and the Power Platform). We ran through a particular scenario then broke down comparisons on where is the best fit for particular resources/users.

Up next I went and saw the AMAZING Rory Neary in his natural habitat – the POWER PLATFORM. Rory provided the most amazing crash course on how to build Power Apps and not only did he just walk you through it but he did so in the most amazing & engaging way, lots of music, lots of animation and lots of personal stories that people could really relate too!

Then I wandered into what I thought was a full flowing party – some loud music, a guy wearing a flashing hat, laughter I started to naturally look for the bar then I realised it was Ana and Dias Manjaly’s session on  “Party planning with BotV4, Dyn365CE and Durable Functions” – now this really helped me A LOT, I finally clicked what functions actually did and it has now filled me eagerness to go and get stuck in so thank you Ana and Dias!

I then caught the end of Colin Vermader’s session on PowerApps, where he connected via Skype for Business and showcased his awesome knowledge around the Power Platform & Dynamics 365 – a packed room with lots of excitement in the air!

Then, after a few technical issues that Didem came to the rescue off, the man himself Mr. Jonathan Keen from Cognitive provided a really engaging and informative view of 2019 and all the opportunities to grasp! The audience was really absorbed by Jonathan’s presentation and it really resonated and empowered every single person! Remember “Free Your People”; have a retention coffee with your boss (what you did last year, problems you’ve solved and what you wish to do this year that will help your company as well as allow you to grow), excite your team (keep them updated with all the awesomeness you’re aware off), learning – time incentives (permit your workers to take an hour or two off once a week to work on the project they’ve really wanted to do, allow them to go to events on Saturday but give them that time back), enhance a human skill – pick a particular human skill and nurture is (empathy, compassion etc.)!!!!

Raz and Mohamed then gave out a plethora of REALLY amazing prizes, my favourite part was the distribution of jackets into the crowd, thrown like deadly Frisbee’s!

So to wrap up here some of the evenings antics in picture form (also in sideways form as i’m pretty hungover and rotating pictures does not seem fun right now):




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