“Action Required: …Rotate the SSL Certificates” – LCS Environment


So you’ve logged into your LCS, gone to the project where your environment sits and you are greeted with a beautiful array of red text:

First of all, don’t panic, your environment is fine – but now we are in the world of cloud computing we have to ensure that all things stay safe and secure and one part of this is regarding SSL certificates this allows data to be secured via small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key…but enough of that – the big questions is… HOW DO I MAKE THE RED TEXT GO AWAY?


This is pretty simple, ensure that your environment is in a ‘Deployed’ status and open the ‘Environment Manager’ and select the ‘Maintain’ button then select “Rotate Secrets” – follow this process through – it’ll warn you about irreversible changes but don’t be afraid go for it!

This will then trigger the ‘Rotates Secret’ action.

There have been a few issues with this but it usually comes down to the environment or how old your environment is Microsoft are actively working on this and have also released this hands blog:


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