Attaching files to a record through Canvas Apps, using the Common Data Service Connector


I found this very cool little piece of functionality that allows you to attach a document directly to a record within a canvas app by leveraging standard functionality within the Common Data Service (CDS) Connector within Power Platform.

Now, this may seem silly, but previously I had been using SharePoint, Flow and all sorts of other creative little techniques to store documentation. I had never seen the attach “Field” available within the fields list in Canvas Apps. I am assuming that other folks might just scroll past it as well… So hopefully this pits a bit more focus on it.

The thing to remember here is that the document is stored within the CDS and will count towards the storage utilisation of the CDS instance and your current tenant. SO, make sure that if you are going to do this, you understand the repercussions that this has on your storage. This may be useful in demo or presales exercises as well.

To see how to do it, check out the video and follow the process.

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