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Microsoft PowerApps Makeover: Basic to Beautiful

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This is my breakout session from Microsoft Ignite 2019 on “Microsoft PowerApps Makeover: Basic to Beautiful”. In this 45 minute session I cover how to use the PowerApps Pyramid as a design guide for building beautiful PowerApps. For more on the PowerApps Pyramid check out my blog post:

I cover several performance tips such as caching and eliminating screen dependencies. I also show tips to help the user experience by using components. From the branding perspective I show a tip for using a branding screen in your apps.

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A trip to remember – Microsoft Ignite Day 2, 3 and 4

A trip to remember – Microsoft Ignite Day 2, 3 and 4

What a trip this has been. I got to meet so many of the community members and got to spend some great time with them.

I believe conferences are more about the people you meet. Ofcourse, the sessions are great and I am so happy that I could attend a lot of them and could then personally connect to the speaker. You can always watch the sessions later, however, the personal connections you make are priceless.

And ofcourse you should also enjoy the non-conference part as well and hang out at the parties which are hosted every night by several companies. And DO NOT MISS THE UNIVERSAL PARTY!

This video shows my journey at Ignite this year which I wanted to share with all of you just for fun. Hope you enjoy it!

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Twitter TDGi Global Hack For Education tdgGlobalHack

On Saturday 7th September 400 people gathered in over 50 teams spread across the globe all with the aim of building solutions using the Power Platform made for the Education sector.

Sessions in all the sites were streamed over at

There was no small amount of passion in the room both for the platform and also for what they were trying to achieve. And solutions ranged from ones intended to improve literacy rates to those intended to help educators understand autism levels within their student population.

Here’s a flavour of the day.

Music “Mr. Blue Sky” is a song by British rock group Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), featured on the band’s seventh studio album Out of the Blue (1977).

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PowerApps and SharePoint Search Integration Demo

In this video I demostrate an app created using PowerApps with users can search for and surface practically any content stored in SharePoint Online made possible by leveraging the basic of Flows containing just one step that enables some monumentally awesome search capabilties in the app showcased in this video.

Blog following imminently – end November 2019 latest.
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Also check out 2 other treaster videos created using PowerApps that are perhaps even more awesome than this one. Kink of like the type of functionality you might expect in the next realise of PowerApps, never mind wave 😄:

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PP1 SnapSurvey

This is such a cool demo of Forms-Flow-SQLAzure-Power BI and PowerApps all working together to create a great little Power Platform solution. Try it you might like it! In this demo I create a forms survey where the results are rendered in Power BI through PowerApps.

You can find the form here

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PowerApps does Powerpoint Power Platform Style!

OK so this is my entry to the PowerApps October 2019 Community Call competition. I’ve seen Chucks salmon and I want one!

Not sure how you vote for it but when I find out I’ll put it in the show notes!

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