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How to avoid Apply to Each from appearing

Have you experienced the Apply to Each in appearing when you don’t want it to? I share my two common scenarios of how and why it appears, and two options that can be applied to avoid the Apply to Each from appearing.

Check out John Liu’s blog post on this phenonmenon at, refer to Problem 2 – the array – item object and auto apply-each wrapping.

This was a challenge for me to film and I hope you appreciated it.
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Power Virtual Agents: Sign Up and Get Started

Power Virtual Agents is a Software as a Service platform that allows you to create your own bot, or virtual agent, without writing code. It is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, and, in the same way that Power Apps bring business users closer to being able to solve their problems by building their own apps, Power Virtual Agents allows subject matter experts in the service area to get closer to building bots – making it quicker and easier to build and update bots to reflect what customers are asking for.

In this short video, I take you through the sign up process to get started with a free trial of Power Virtual Agents. It’s very quick – just a few simple steps to sign up, sign in, and give your bot a name. Then you’re ready to get started.

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Scottish Summit 2020 Keynote Announcement

Whats up friends?!

Its true! I will see you February 29th in Scotland for the Scottish Summit!!

Don’t wait another minute, get registered today so you can be sure to get a ticket!

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Power Apps Community Plan – Free Individual Environment for your Learning

The Power Apps Community Plan is a free licence for indiviaul use, designed to give you access to the full features of Power Apps for your own learning. This video shows you how to sign up for the Power Apps Community Plan, and how to add a Common Data Service database to your environment.

Note that the Power Apps Community Plan is not for commercial or production use. It is limited to just you as the individual user. It is a great alternative to a trial (because it doesn’t expire after 30 days), particularly if you work for an organisation where you are not able to sign up for a trial or create your own development environment.

Even if you do not work for an organisation with Power Apps licences, you can use the Community Plan to get started with a free individual environment for your learning.

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Power Automate Tutorial – Testing Power Apps with UI flows

Whats up friends?!

Welcome back to another video on UI Flows!

This time instead of the DESKTOP UI Flows, we will be showing you tbe WEB BASED UI Flows, and more specifically, how to create an automated test for your Power Apps!

Talk about using the platform to help the platform eh?!

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To watch the introduction to UI Flows first – check out this video:
UI Flows Setup:
UI Flows Installer:
Selenium IDE Install:
Selenium Documentation for beginners including commands and arguments:

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Power Automate Tutorial – Microsoft Forms Attachments

Whats up friends!

Join me and the Super, Super User…Yash Agarwal as we show you how to use the new Microsoft Forms attachments in Power Automate!!

Yash is here again to show us how to be a pro like him! welcome back Yash!

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PowerApps Stream Video Integration

Microsoft Stream is coming to PowerApps in January 2020. This is an incredible development as we can now have organisation videos safely held in Office 365 that can be for all sorts of purposes.
In this video we see how to use the control, frankly it is awesome. We can set a start time, fit the video to the screen, SEARCH for words said during the video and hold the videos in a gallery.
As a video maker this is really significant.

Remember this is ONLY available in US Preview environments until Jan 2020.

During the video we use the table function and you can borrow the syntax here.

{VidURL:”″,Item:3, StartTime:70},
{VidURL:”″,Item:4, StartTime:120}

Here is a link to the vid on building a Power BI Explorer – I fully intend to integrate Stream into this storytelling methodology

source TDG/Data Spinners

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