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[Planner + Flow – Parte 2] Receba uma tabela com as tarefas não concluídas no Teams

Dando sequencia à série de vídeos do Flow + Planner, nesse eu mostro para vocês como criar uma rotina de envio de uma tabela com as tarefas pendentes para o Teams.

Abaixo as expressões utilizadas nesse vídeo e o link para o download do Package, caso queiram importar esse Flow no ambiente de vocês.

link para download das expressões utilizadas para adicionar bordas e formatar a data:!AklClOUMdrd8llo6hggJxhsFiPlB?e=cVe6kO

link para download do package:!AklClOUMdrd8lltga3pd-ZOJ5wHx?e=LHmgsY

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Hey Siri, Create a Support Ticket – with Eric McKinney from G&J Pepsi

Hello #PowerAddicts!

In this video, I had the pleasure to chat with Eric McKinney from G&J Pepsi who watched mine and Jon Levesque’s video on connecting Siri to Flow and then made a support ticket system out of it within a few hours.

Join us to learn how to use the iOS shortcuts app to trigger Siri, provide some inputs and then send it to Microsoft Flow to create a new ticket in a SharePoint List.

This makes it much quicker (like 5 seconds) for G&J Pepsi’s employees to create a support ticket.

You can find Eric on Twitter –

Watch Eric’s video at the Microsoft Inspire keynote here –

Watch mine and Jon’s video on connecting Siri to Flow here –

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Alexa Skill with Flow – Post Message to Teams

In this video, I show how you can create an Amazon Alexa Skill that calls a Microsoft Flow HTTP Endpoint to post a message to a Microsoft Teams Channel. This method lets you take your existing Flow skills and create an Alexa skill with ZERO code! The Flow does all of the work and you just point your Alexa Skill to the Flow.

I did a video with Jon Levesque on his YouTube channel a week or so ago where I show how to get started using Alexa with Flow. In that video I show some of the basics of Alexa Skills and demo a simple use case where Alexa returns back a list of your Planner tasks. If you missed that video here’s a link:

In this video, I expand on that to show how you can pass a parameter from Alexa to Flow so that you can tell Alexa what message you want to post to Teams. I’ve created a corresponding blog post which has step by step directions and the JSON code needed for the Response which you can find on my blog

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Dynamics 365 for Talent – manager recruitment submission extension

In this video I prove a demonstration of the new capabilities I have built out in Dynamics 365 for Talent. That allows a manager to submit a new recruitment request from the Employee Self Service work space – this then, after approval, creates a new job in attract and a new position in core HR.

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[Planner + Flow – Parte 1] Criação Automática de Tarefas

Olá pessoal! Esse é o primeiro video de uma série onde mostro como extender as capacidades do Planner com Flow.

Ao longo da série abordaremos como:

1) Popular automaticamente um Planner

2) Receber toda manhã uma tabela no Teams com o resumo de todas as tarefas não concluídas

3) Receber um lembrete pelo Teams, alertando o vencimento da Tarefa em 3 dias

4) Criar uma rotina de exportação de dados de diversos Planners para contruir uma visão executive consolidada no Power BI

Nesse primeiro vídeo construo um Flow para popular um Planner automaticamente.

Para aqueles que quiserem importar em seu ambiente esse Flow, segue o link para o download do Package (.zip):!AklClOUMdrd8lllJKj32Ii_X8zzh?e=nKCsx2

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Opening Mobile Applications From PowerApps

Have you tried using the Launch() function in PowerApps to open up a website but wished you could have it open up the actual app on your mobile device instead? In this video, I walk you through how you can do that with PowerApps. I’ll show demos on how to open the native phone applications for Twitter, YouTube, Uber, Microsoft Teams, Yelp, Waze and the Text Messaging client.

I created a demo app that has all of this functionality included which you can download from my GitHub:

There’s also a corresponding blog post that walks you through this on my blog

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Microsoft Flow Preview – Immersive BPF

Whats up friends?!

Karan and I are back to talk about BPF – Business Process Flows again, but this time we are showing off the next level experience with Immersive BPF!

As of 7/3/19 – This is a PREVIEW of a feature currently in development. This is not available for use yet, but will be coming to preview environments soon!

Check out the new immersive BPF’s and how you can skip several steps compared to how BPF’s used to have to be made! To compare, check out my previous BPF Playlist –

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Much Love from Me!

– Jon

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