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PowerApps #53 IsMatch

IsMatch is a REALLY useful function for validating your data entries. I’m surprised we don’t see it being used more often as it’s very fast and very effective.

In this vid we see how we can use it to validate postal data, and taxation data.

The Regex library can be found here

The microsoft documentation can be found here

We didn’t look at the email structure however an effective one is as follows


source TDG/Data Spinners

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How to Create Custom Insight Cards – Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Learn how to configure your own next best actions for Dynamics 365, using Custom Insight Cards in Dynamics 365 for Sales Insights. This tutorial takes you through how to get started with Sales Insights, and how to use the Assistant Studio and Microsoft Flow to configure, view and optimise your own Insight Cards for the Relationship Assistant in Dynamics 365.

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PowerApps SharePoint User Experience Awesome Demo

Woudn’t it be awesome if you could browse any SharePoint site in a single app created in PowerApps, view just about any type of document or item located anywhere in SharePoint that you have permission to view. such as PDF, Word and PowerPoint documents in addition to highly compressed photos and further download those file if so desired.

That would be far too much functionality many users within the PowerApps community have been asking for years, not so? Or is this really way too much to ask for, surely?

I will be posting a detailed blog that details how I was able to consume all this content within a single app a few days from how. I will share the link to that blog here as soon as it has been published so watch this space…

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[Planner + Flow – Parte 3] Alerta vencimento de Tarefa em 3 dias

Olá pessoal! Nesse video mostro para vocês como criar um flow que envia uma notificação para Teams utilizando os Adapatives Cards Alertando o vencimento de uma task!

Como sempre, seguem os links úteis e também o package do Flow:

Download package:!AklClOUMdrd8llzBlKQZsacnpiPB?e=Je34y6

Adaptive Cards Designer tool:

Doc functions reference:

Sessão do ignite:

Expressões utilizadas:



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PowerApps Deep Linking

#PowerApps #DeepLinking
Learn how to create Deep Links in your PowerApps applications. Deep Links enabled you to navigate your users directly to another screen nested in your app. You can use the Param() function in PowerApps to look for parameters in your URL and move to the appropriate screen. I also show a use case for this deep linking capability using SharePoint Column Formatting to go directly to an edit screen in your PowerApp.

Here’s a link to my blog which includes the JSON for the SharePoint Column Formatting piece:

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Globally Accessible Poems

This is a standalone app which in this version gives a user the ability to read 3 poems of which one (Ogre’s Journey) is available as a translation in 63 languages.

It is intended to encourage others to think about accessibility from the perspective of language as part of the Global Hack for Education, and education generally. I understand that some of the translations may well be highly inaccurate, but this is part of the fun of trying to give your apps a far greater scale.

On the administration page there is a link to which should provide all the the data needed to update the app.

The app can be downloaded freely from

source TDG/Data Spinners

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