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PowerApps Split() For Dropdowns Tuesday Tutorials #51

Split() is a function that doesn’t get talked about a great deal, or at all as far as I am aware, however it can be extremely useful. In this video we’re going to look at how to user Split and Contatenate to drive a dropdown. Apols – I had intended to use distinct but I got out of the vid too quick. If you’d like to use that you would need to use the following formula.


source TDG/Data Spinners

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PowerApps and SharePoint Experience Demo

This is a simplified version of a far more awesome app that I recently created wherein I demostrate how users of just one app can view ANY content stored in ANY Document Library or List on ANY site on SharePoint Online, naturally of course respecting the permissions each user of the app has been given access to view in SharePoint.

The main purpose for publishing this demo of the scaled down version of the app is because I have equally shared the complete solution of this PowerApp on the related blog I have published wrt how I developed the overall solution.

Feel free to pick up all the demo code from the links at the end of the blog I have published on my blog website:

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AI Builder – How to Train and Optimise a Text Classification Model

The AI Builder Text Classification Model allows you to build a model to intelligently tag text (with one or more tags), using a wizard-style interface. However, there is still some human intelligence required – in this video, I show you how to train and optimise your model for best results, including what matters in your sample data set that you use for training.

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Microsoft PowerApps Makeover: Basic to Beautiful

#PowerApps #MSIgnite
This is my breakout session from Microsoft Ignite 2019 on “Microsoft PowerApps Makeover: Basic to Beautiful”. In this 45 minute session I cover how to use the PowerApps Pyramid as a design guide for building beautiful PowerApps. For more on the PowerApps Pyramid check out my blog post:

I cover several performance tips such as caching and eliminating screen dependencies. I also show tips to help the user experience by using components. From the branding perspective I show a tip for using a branding screen in your apps.

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Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial – Automate Newsletter Invitations

Whats up friends!?

In today’s video I am joined by the amazing Shane Young as we work through automating his newsletter invitation process with Power Automate!

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