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PowerApps SharePoint User Experience Demo

Marvel at the wonder of what actually CAN do in PowerApps now consuming content stored in SharePoint.

This demo app consist of a single screen. Despite that you can view ANY site in SharePoint, view all the Document Libaries and Lists on those sites, view practically any type of documents, photos AND videos as you so choose.

What’s mAbsolutely no workarounds or hacks..

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PowerApps Draggable Controls

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In this video, I show how you can make controls inside your PowerApps draggable. This method uses a hidden slider control to make it so you can drag a separate object across the screen. I show a use case of dragging a “Task Card” from a Not Started, In Progress to Complete Buckets. This same approach could be useful for drag and drop permissions assignment and more!

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Microsoft Flow Tutorial – Forms Pro Connector

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This week is a Tutorial about the Forms Pro Connector with Business Applications MVP Megan Walker – Follow her on Twitter : Http:// and on YouTube

Come along with us as we discuss what is Forms Pro, how it is used, and how to connect it with Microsoft Flow!

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Managing Survey Unsubscribes – Microsoft Forms Pro

Microsoft Forms Pro is an enterprise survey capability that helps businesses obtain the feedback they need to make smarter decisions. Powered by both Office 365 and Dynamics 365, Forms Pro supports businesses seeking to transform customer, product, and employee experiences.

This video will show you to understand and manage unsubscribes from Forms Pro surveys.

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