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Power Automate Tutorial – Intro to Trigger Conditions

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Welcome to this weeks Power Automate Tutorial – an introduction to Trigger Conditions
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Power Apps Launch Function

#PowerApps #LaunchFunction
In this video I explain what the Launch function is and how to use it. I highlight two new features that were released for the Launch Function including the ability to pass parameters and to set the Launch Target.

Video’s Referenced in this video:

✅Opening Mobile Apps from Power Apps:

✅Power Apps Makeover: Basic to Beautiful:

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Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial – Using flows to parse data

What’s up my friends?!

This week i am joined for another Power automate Tutorial with Django Lohn to help show us how to use flows to parse data from the body of an email, and move that data into a central database!

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D365SCM and Power Automate – Quick Tips in Microsoft Business Applications – EP3

This is about creating manual trigger flows using Power Automate with D365 Supply Chain Management.

Hope this will help you in day to day use of Microsoft Business Applications Journey. Please leave your comment below and please share with friends.

Please find the blog post for step by step guide using below link.

How to create Manual Trigger Flow with D365 SCM using Power Automate


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How to create a Teams meeting using Outlook

Microsoft Teams Quick Tutorials

How to create a Teams meeting using Outlook

In this video, you will learn how to schedule a Teams meeting using Outlook desktop client. If your company is migrating from Skype for Business to Teams, this might be really helpful for you.

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Creating Search Boxes in Power Apps

#PowerApps #Searching
When you’re surfacing up data in a Power App you’ll probably need a way to search through all of the items. In this video I walk through how to create a search box and use it to filter items in a gallery. I show two different ways to interact with the search box.

Concepts Covered in this video:

✅ Filter() Function
✅ StartsWith() Function
✅ Variables
✅ Formulas: IsBlank(), Conditional Visibility

When searching a gallery it’s important to be mindful of delegation. I don’t go into the details of delegation in this video so check out this article to learn more about delegation:

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What is Office 365? A 2020 Beginners Tutorial

This is a video for beginners that want to familiarize themselves with Office 365.

We start with a brief overview and then go into a little more detail for each application.

You can find slightly more detail using the following urls – Good luck!

My Analytics
Power BI
To do

source TDG/Data Spinners

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Power Automate Tutorial – Building Flows in Visio

Whats up my friends!?

Today I am joined by my friend Abhinav AnandVeeraraghavan as he shows me how he makes Visio Diagrams as a scalable way to deploy flows to his customers!

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