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#PowerApps Demo with a builtin app Feedback feature and so much more…

This video is far more than a demo of the average #PowerApps Citizen Developer type app.

It is a showcase of some of the coolest functionality the vast majority of App Makers would unlikely believe was even possible to accomplish in #PowerApps, #MicrosoftFlow and #SharePoint today.

Whilst the initial intent of this particular demo app was to, by way of example, share with the community an approach to solicit feedback from users of your apps, whether those be bugs, questions wrt how to perform certain functions for which the intended app was designed for, and equally share feedback pertaining to how the app could perhaps be enriched thus enabling broader adoption of all your apps for that matter that leverage the technique demonstrated in this video.

However, as things generally do, the initial plan & scope for the demo app took a tremendous leap into what evidently was previously unchartered territory. This showcase solution now speaks to a far more substantial talking point and by way of example demonstrates just how much can be accomplished in a short space of time with the awesome of the #Microsoft Power platform and supporting technologies in Office 365.

Anyone taking the time to watch this relatively long demo-only video will marvel at the performance and user experience of the demo solution, and equally how capabilities have been developed within this app that just about every Power App Maker has been in some shape or form asking for.

There is equally very little demonstrated in this blog that in all likelihood could not have been overcome insofar as blockers / obstacles for using PowerApps in your organizations is concerned. Ironically as with most things, overcoming the complexity of the solution enables lies in simplifying things that most of us would naturally look for complex solutions to solve complex problems.

I hope this demo encourages you and helps the broader community out to achieve more in what your own goals with the platform are. 🤗

Check out the blog posts on this and so much more on my website:

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PowerApps – demo photo app with user feedback feature

Demo photo app created in #PowerApps with a feature for users to share feedback on the app such as bugs, suggestions, data change requests etc.

The home landing page in the app also displays random rotating images from the backend #SharePoint document library where the photos depicted in the app have been uploaded.

Checkout Brians’s YouTube Channel

Checkout Brian’s LinkedIn profile

PowerApps Art Project #07 – Adding a headline image

This time round we will make use of the camera widget to capture an image and store it in sharepoint.

I’m very keen to get myself up to 100 subscribers, which mean I can create a dedicated URL – so please give me a thumbs up and subscribe!

The App is intended for my daughter to use throughout the life of her art project so that she can see how she got to the end result and her different thoughts along the way.

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PowerApps Tuesday Tutorials #1 Notify()

Hi All,

Today I’ve put together an extremely short video on the new notify function, which alerts users to things they may not be aware of in the app. I’m not convinced that from an accessibility (low-vision users etc) point of view whether it will tick all the boxes, but it could be useful in the right circumstances, an may save you the trouble of creating, say, an ‘On Success’ page.

There a bit more on the function here

and also a blog post by Greg Lindhorst

Good luck with this

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Gartner BI Magic Quadrant #1 Create Wireframe

A mini-series using PowerApps and Sharepoint leading to a Power BI Report expressing the relative positions, as described by Gartner, of major players in the BI Market from 2014 to 2018

Further videos will be coming out every 2 days

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PowerApps Tuesday Tutorials #4 The App Doctor

Hi Everyone,

I just have to tell you about the new feature that PowerApps have just brought out. They’re calling it the app checker but as far as I’m concerned it’s the App Doctor and is a fantastic and simple way of identifying issues that you might have lurking in your app. It doesn’t just look at formulas but also at disability accessibility – essentially the text you put in gets read by blind users using assistive technologies.

Thanks so much to the PowerApps team – great job!

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