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Gartner BI Magic Quadrant #8 – The Final Product

A mini-series using PowerApps and Sharepoint leading to a Power BI Report expressing the relative positions, as described by Gartner, of major players in the BI Market from 2014 to 2018.

In this vid we will embed PowerApps within Power Bi – Mainly because we can. But it is pretty handy all the same.

FYI this vid is #8 – maybe it should be #0 as it’s kind of the end product.

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Bradford Factor Calculation using Summarize and Filter

Bradford Factor is a conceptually straighforward measure of employee absence and is calculated by taking the episodes squared multiplied by the days sick over 12 month. Whilst it is straightforward to understand it is not particularly simple to calculate for large volumes of people.

This video demonstrates the practical use of the Summarize and Filter function to calculate this metric, but the take away is really that it can be used any time you wish to summarise any data table.

For more info on the various functions please see the following links to videos prepared by the incredible Ruth at

Switch ()

Filter ()


Links to all project files here:-!AgiOPf26tnzfgZZFBzzLXSg3Of3DMA

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PowerApps Tuesday Tutorials #20 Select()

In this session we take a brief look a the Select() statement. Essentially, it is an imperative statement that allows you to simulate a button having been pressed.
I’ll be honest this came as a major surprise when I came
across Brian Dang using it. In fairness, on its own it looks quite odd, but I can see that there will be future scenarios where this will be extremely useful – one for the tecchies!
Don’t ask about the Donkey – I was going down the ‘Pick me’ route, but I didn’t put it in the vid!

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