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Microsoft Flow Speaking Tour 2018 Recap

What’s up friends!

Wow it has been one heck of a year of traveling and speaking! I spoke to over 5,000 people this year across 16 different speaking engagements!

This is a brief recap of some of the stops, but more importantly if you want to see what cities i am coming to next check out my website

Also, if you’d like to invite me to speak, please use the form on my speaking page, linked above!

Thanks friends! Much love!

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Sending a birthday email from CDS fields

In this WTF Episode I show you how to send a birthday email to a Contact whose birthday month and day equals the month and day of today’s date.

It requires a combination of actions and expressions.
I show you why my first attempt does not work and what I did to get around it for the Flow to successfully execute as envisioned.

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Physics + PowerApps | Power-N-Apps E4

Welcome to Power-N-Apps!

In this video, the PowerApps Physics champion Hiroaki Nagao from Japan will be joining us and sharing his journey through gamifying physics with PowerApps.

Join us in this power journey and let’s learn together.

Link to show notes will be posted after the video here.

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Just So You Know Episode 4 – A Facebook Camera in my Kitchen? Not F*In Happening!

Whats up friends!

Welcome to the Jon and Kent JSYK – Just So You Know, Podcast!
We will discuss technology in all of its forms. Consumer, emerging, line of business and more!

Today we discuss Microsoft opening up a consumption model for API Management, We talk about Facebook Portal, a video chat device with an intelligent assistant built in and we close with some talk about Streaming video services!

Check out links from the Show:

1. Consumption Based API Management –
2. Facebook Portal –
3. YouTube TV –

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Microsoft Flow Tutorial | Six Tips to be successful

What’s up friends?!

Today I am bringing you six Flow Tips, brought to you by the community! Let’s go through them together and see:

– Solutions
– See More
– Naming Actions
– Ownership
– Disabling Flows
– Zooming in and Out

That’s it!

Hope they help, if you have tips i should share leave them down in the comments!

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Adventures in Community 9 – SharePoint Saturday Oslo 2018

What’s up friends?!

Come along wIth me and Gabriel as we head to SPS Oslo with Ahmad! We endure some issues along the way… losing luggage sucks! Have you ever had yours lost?

We overcome it though and get to go see all the sights and take in the beauty of the city!

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– Jon

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