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Microsoft Flow Tutorial – Create automated email follow ups

Hey Friends,

In this video i show you the #Flow and #SharePoint list that helps manage our Flow of the Week series!

You will learn about the compose action, the delay until action, and how to create a SharePoint list with a few columns, all coming together to power a very cool Flow!

If you want to use my expressions for the Compose action, here they are below:

Publish Date-Time: formatdatetime(triggerBody()?[‘Publish_x0020_Date’],’dddd MM/dd/yyyy’)

Title Description Deadline: formatdatetime(triggerBody()?[‘Title_x002f_Description_x0020_De’],’dddd MM/dd/yyyy’)

I think those will definitely help!

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Thanks so much!
– Jon

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Adventures in Community 1 – The Microsoft Build Conference

Whats up friends?!

Come along with Kent and I as we prepare for the Microsoft Build Conference. Which as held in Seattle, WA on May 7-9, 2018.

We show you how we white-board and brainstorm ideas, how we prepare for the session by doing dry runs and practice sessions, and then the conference itself.

Check out some of the latest VR, Technology booths and then watch us deliver our session on “Building a workflow in 10 minutes, using Microsoft Flow” If you want to see the full session, check it out here:

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Microsoft Flow – Admin | Hangout with MVP Daniel Laskewitz

Microsoft Flow Administration

During this webinar, Daniel will demo the different options you have with Microsoft Flow for Data Loss Prevention and Security.

He will also briefly show you how you can use the new Microsoft Flow & PowerApps PowerShell cmdlets to manage your environment.

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View Daniels Links from his presentation!

PowerShell Commandlets for PA/Flow –

Flow Admin Docs –

Kent Weare’s Build 2018 Docs –

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YouTube Deck in PowerApps

Make your own YouTube Deck in PowerApps using YouTube’s Data API. Create something similar to Tweetdeck, or use it to manage YouTube Videos with custom identifiers/taxonomy for your organisation’s YouTube channel(s).

For more details on YouTube Data API –

For more details on returning data tables from Flow to PowerApps –

To download app files –

Video Channel Credits to –
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Hangout Chat with the Microsoft Flow Team – April 27, 2018

Thanks to everyone who joined us live!! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below!!!


Come Join @PNWAdventureGuy and the whole Flow PM Team as we hang out and answer your questions and hopefully learn about what some of you are doing too!

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Random Movie Recommender using PowerApps

As crazy as it sounds, it’s a cool way to understand how to return data from Flow to PowerApps and use it for your business processes.

APIs that I used –

Link to app files on PowerApps Community –

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Jon and Kent Ski Sunshine Village in Banff Alberta

Whats up Friends!?

Kent and I went skiing this past weekend up in Alberta and more importantly at Banff Sunshine Village.

Come along with us as we goof around and hit the slops after a week of delivering #MicrosoftFlow content to Canadian companies and Partners.

Do you ski? do you Snowboard? Have you been to Sunshine village?

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Return data from Flow to PowerApps

In this video, I talk about how to return data from Flow to PowerApps. This is a really useful feature if you need to access data generated in the process of a flow back in PowerApps.

For more info – visit

If you are interested in creating Custom Click-through Analytics in your PowerApps, see this webinar / blog post-

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Microsoft Flow Tutorial – Dude Where’s My Car

Hey Flow Fans!

Myself and my friend Kent got together again to make a new Microsoft Flow Tutorial! We decided to take on another pop culture item and so we took on Dude Where’s my car, because I’m always forgetting where to park! Come along with us and check out our journey and also learn how to build a location tracking Flow!

In this video we use a few different pieces of tech.

Microsoft Flow
The Bing Maps API
Flow Buttons

What do you guys think? Should Kent and I do more videos together like this? What should we build next?!

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