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Microsoft Power Automate Tutorial – Approval Attachments Part 1

Whats up Friends?!

Approval attachments are here! Let’s learn how to use them with MVP Daniel Laskewitz (

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Teams Easy Button with Flic

#MicrosoftTeams #Flic #EasyButton
See how you can combine Microsoft Teams Shortcuts with your Flic Smart Buttons to create a Teams “Easy Button”.

Shortcuts used in this Video:
Toggle Mute: Control + Shift + M
Toggle Video: Control + Shift + O
Toggle Blur: Control + Shift + P

For a list of Teams Shortcuts check out this documentation:

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Power Apps & SharePoint Search Integration Beta App Demo

In this video I demonstrate an app created using Power Apps with users can search for and surface practically any content stored in SharePoint Online.

Whilst this app is work in progress it would be extremely useful insight for any comments you may have and of course thumbs such that I can ascertain the interest in this particular topic as it pertains to the amount of additional effort I may put in developing this solution further…

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Microsoft Teams Ipad Tutorial for Beginners

Ipads are a perfectly viable way of holding teams meetings.

This video is for people whether in business or at home just want to get things done.

In this video we take a look at how to set up teams on your ipad, log into your account, set up a meeting, hold a meeting and engage in chats with the rest of your team.

Here’s a link to how to use it on your computer

source TDG/Data Spinners

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Power automate Tutorial – SharePoint HTTP Connector Part 4 – DELETE

What’s up friends?!

Welcome to a new Power Automate Tutorial! This time we are talking about the SharePoint HTTP Connector. And more Specifically the DELETE action

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GitHub Tutorial – How to Download and Install PowerApps

Github is a recognised platform, owned by Microsoft for holding onto content that can be shared with others. It is geared towards developing software and I am going to hold new apps to be shared with others here.

1. Looking at GitHub
2. Downloading from GitHub
3. Uploading Apps to PowerApps
4. Installing uploaded Apps
5. Playing uploaded apps
6. Editing uploaded apps

In this case we start in and later we look at the whole repository with all the bits and pieces included and this is shown here

source TDG/Data Spinners

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Shakespeare Plays free Power App Demo

Guide to using the Shakespeare plays app.

This app contains all of Shakespeares plays and you can download it here

If you need guidance on installing apps onto office 365 you can go here

I think that there is considerable scope to change the app to introduce your own plays, perhaps that is a job for the future…

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Microsoft Teams Web Browswer Tutorial for Beginners

Watch this📺 so that your remote meetings are made more effective 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

I had a teams meeting with my Mum the other day and let’s just say it was interesting getting her online as she, along with many other people aren’t familiar with Office 365.

In this tutorial I show the basics of using teams, so that you can get more done remotely.

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