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Moses Chats with Vanessa Raath

“Treat Everyone Equally” & “I get to change peoples lives” – Vannessa Raath (Expert Recruitment) explains that you need to start a “Online Career Brand” and getting out there.
Need help with your resume / CV this is a must listen!!! Van helps you…
Van sends love to Chris Huntingford and Kyle Hill
From teacher to finally living her dream, building a business – with the title Head Cheerleader.

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Twitter & Instagram – @Van_Raath

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Moses Chats with Bruce Sithole

We got Bruce Sithole eventually, Moses and Bruce wear Flamingo (bar man) and Panda (hugger) outfits to get the party started and when there is no party like the high school party.
Sniffing people’s hair – but we both bald “WHAT”
Never go for that “JUST ONE” drink when you have a flight to catch.
If you ever want cheat codes for your games, we have it all by using “Quotes of life” as cheat codes.

Creey things to say to stranger… “I saw you sleeping well last night” ha ha ha.

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Moses Chats with Daniel Gad

Violets are Red & Roses are Blue… ???
Moses narrates Dan’s wedding to funny text messages about Rabbi’s or Rabbits.
To rocking up in Rolls Phantom to be that classic man – sing it!!
Using a smoker to cook food well.
PG rating jumped from 18 to 25 on this podcast.
Getting engaged tips with fails safe options.
How to be in other person shoes when replying to emails.
Packing comfy shoes to explore great sites and sounds whilst on business Trips


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Moses And Iain Connolly

Spooing on the golf course, hairy cows, to teaching Chuck Norris the round house kick, travelling in Rv’s, eating short bread, saying “Hi Jimmy”, being short sucks and Iain in 1992 had to be lifted up to see Michael Jackson.

Dynamics 365 Scotland has 270+ seats check the link

His missus says if he cuts his beard off then it over – talk about pressure.

Iain says 2019 is going to be his year!
Be kind and it will come back to you…

Die Antwoord get mentioned – get on it peeps.

We both give a massive shout out to @Chris Huntingford

Next suggested guest: Ryan Maclean

Been emotional Bru

Twitter :

Tickets for D365 Saturday Scotland :

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Moses chats with Jonas Rapp

Want to Ski at Midnight! Then listen to Moses and Joans Rapp rap battle.

From building ice walls like Game of Thrones in Sweden to Rapping to scoring yourself from Pi (3.14……..) and 42.

The Xrmtoolbox man Jonas Rapp has a great style to him and not afraid to skip a question!

Drop the Mic…

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