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SharePoint list forms on modern experience lists will open in a dialog side box by design (at the moment of writing this post, no out-of-the-box options are available to change this). In my opinion for non-customized forms that’s ok, but for PowerApps forms in SharePoint lists, the layout is not fine when the form layout […]

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PowerApps already does security trim for item-level permissions based on the Data Source permissions, but in some cases you may want to implement extra rules or more complex trimming types that are not possible with the selected Data Source. That’s when Office 365 groups come to help. Showing or hiding controls in a PowerApps based […]

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PLEASE NOTE : THIS POST IS BASED ON A PUBLIC PREVIEW FEATURE. The video will give you a good idea of what is currently available within the new Admin Center preview system settings within the PowerApps user interface. Microsoft are always adding, updating and improving. This video is no holds barred. If a screen doesn’t […]

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I saw recently on Twitter that the WYSIWYG Model-Driven form editor is in preview and I thought, “HEY, Why not do a video without ever opening and testing this functionality”… SO that’s exactly what I did. it’s a little bit all over the show and as I find stuff I get more excited. I had […]

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So I was busy creating a nice Canvas App using the brilliant Patch command when my records stopped transferring across to SharePoint at exactly 500 records. Knowing that SharePoint can hold many more entries than this I was slightly confused – on deeper investigation I found the little gremlin blocking my patch commands (File>App Settings>Advanced […]

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I found this very cool little piece of functionality that allows you to attach a document directly to a record within a canvas app by leveraging standard functionality within the Common Data Service (CDS) Connector within Power Platform. Now, this may seem silly, but previously I had been using SharePoint, Flow and all sorts of […]

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I live in Australia.  One of the first things I do (right after removing the word “Zip” from the postcode field!) in a new Dynamics 365 demo is to change the date format to DD-MM-YYYY instead of the US date format MM-DD-YYYY.  It’s a little thing, but often it’s the little things that can make […]

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This a less overkill follow up to this post where i used R for Data Science to query and find matching account names in Dynamics. Using the ForAll function you can query a data source for multiple records and export those using the export data control.

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Recently I attended the Dynamics 365 Saturday event in Stockholm and I have to say, what an excellent event. I have never been to Stockholm, so I was already massively excited about this. I also got to meet a load of new people for the first time which was AMAZING! These events are so important […]

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The requirement: Allow a CE user to update marketing consent and to provide guidance and logic around the process, this app is the basis for the latter. Solution: This could be achieved using a custom webpage, or possibly a Dialog (deprecated soon), but the latest recommended approach is to use a canvas app embedded within […]

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