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Use Case : We do not have Office 365. 1) Is there a way to send a Collection in an email using on premise exchange? 2) If not, what is the best way to download the content of a collection in a PDF?952

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One item I have seen overlooked in PowerApps is the functionality around the “App Checker” ….”But William I use the App checker”…. I do not mean the formula app checker I am referring the “Accessibility” checker shown in the image below:   It is prodigiously important when creating apps, well anything actually, that it is […]

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Pancake & Milkshake – The rules are simple:  The kitty gets the milkshake…the bunny gets the pancake! Here you can download the PowerApps solution I create in this video, where I use PowerApps to create a game inspired by the Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer. (check it out, it’s hilarious) Fortunately, someone already created the […]

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Updated last: 23/12/2018 This is a live blog post that will be updated with changes that are applied to the application – I’ll also update it with input from the community too.  Right, I thought it’d be best to write a quick post on this topic as it is a question I receive quite regularly which […]

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My first blog, so go gentle 😀 Summary: When you’re calling external integration services and you’re using an enterprise service bus, you need to send a message with your CRM data to the service bus (obvs!). But in order to be able to use the built in behaviour of a crm plugin (rollback in particular) […]

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Microsoft cognitive services gives rich Artificial Capabilities into the applications. These capabilities can be used with PowerApps when building Apps. Cognitive services can help to make your Apps Smarter. Artificial Intelligence and Data science go in hand in hand. Microsoft packaged in all capabilities and packages those together to create easy to consume API’s such […]

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If you ever wonder CAN I SNAP-IT & TRANSLATE  text on the spot. Here is the Video of the “Translator Buddy” PowerApp which I (Kasun) created using PowerApps and MS Flow. Here I’m Translating text from “Beginning DAX with Power BI” book from Phil Seamark This simply shows the power of PowerPlatform and this is […]

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Those who have been using Customer Engagement PSA will have noticed annoying bug around disappearing Contract Details Lines once you drill into the Contract lines related to the Contract. Well the video below solves all your issues 952

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I have recently embarked on a wild journey that is learning Customer Engagement for those who know me I am predominantly a Finance and Operations consultant – but PSA aroused my curiosity so I thought i’d take a dive head first into it. Here you’ll see videos I upload as I go through this adventure! […]

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