Microsoft Cognitive Services with PowerApps – Snap It and Translate

Microsoft cognitive services gives rich Artificial Capabilities into the applications. These capabilities can be used with PowerApps when building Apps. Cognitive services can help to make your Apps Smarter.

Artificial Intelligence and Data science go in hand in hand. Microsoft packaged in all capabilities and packages those together to create easy to consume API’s such as Cognitive Services and Bot Framework.

Microsoft provides 23 Cognitive Services API’s. It’s categorises into five areas namely Vision, Speech, Language, Knowledge and Search. For the experiment below I have used Computer Vision & Microsoft Translator API’s. It helps to detect text content from an image using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) & Translate text to different languages.

You can find further information on cognitive services information by following link below.


When creating Connections inside PowerApps would require getting an Account Key and Site URL. Use below link to get it.


If you do not have an Azure Account yet you can use the 7-day trial to get started.

Below Image depicts the simple flow of the actions involved with the app.

Set properties as below.


Image = First(colPhoto).Url


Onselect = ClearCollect(colPhoto,Camera1.Photo)

Text BOX

Text = varOCR

Overflow = Overflow.Scroll

Capture Text Button

Onselect = Set(varOCR,ImageOCR.Run(First(colPhoto).Url).ocrtext)

To Translate

Text = MicrosoftTranslator.Translate(varOCR,Dropdown1.Selected.Value)

Use the MS flow to recognize the Optical Character Recognition.

Special Note: Images can be saved in different formats. Computer Vision API is looking for binary format of the Image therefore below expression must be used in the Image Content box in OCR to Text to convert to binary format.


Now you can start creating your own Translator Buddy app. 😊

Translator Buddy – PowerApp Capture and Translate

If you ever wonder CAN I SNAP-IT & TRANSLATE  text on the spot. Here is the Video of the “Translator Buddy” PowerApp which I (Kasun) created using PowerApps and MS Flow. Here I’m Translating text from “Beginning DAX with Power BI” book from Phil Seamark This simply shows the power of PowerPlatform and this is not difficult to do. Stay tuned for a further blog post on this.




PSA – Contract Line Details bud

Those who have been using Customer Engagement PSA will have noticed annoying bug around disappearing Contract Details Lines once you drill into the Contract lines related to the Contract. Well the video below solves all your issues


I have recently embarked on a wild journey that is learning Customer Engagement for those who know me I am predominantly a Finance and Operations consultant – but PSA aroused my curiosity so I thought i’d take a dive head first into it. Here you’ll see videos I upload as I go through this adventure!

Project Overview:


Resource management:

Hackathon – PowerApps & CDS

So if you are part of the Dynamics 365 community (and even if you’re not) you have more than likely heard a few words and initialisms thrown around referring to CDS, Common Data Service, Business Applications and PowerApps.

If you have Chris Huntingford, Kyle Hill or myself (William Dorrington) on Linkedin, and if not why not(!), then you would have noticed that we have been excitingly posting about a CDS & PowerApps HACK-A-THON! This is something we are absolutely ecstatic about and I’d like to share with you a few reasons why you should be too.

….”okay Will we know you’ve had a coffee and that you get overly passionate about everything but first of
all what is CDS & PowerApps and how can it benefit me”….

WOW – what a question allow me to express this in an inconsistent verbal vomiting of overly flamboyant words.

The Common Data Service is the absolute collection of awesomeness – if awesomeness was your data platform where your various Dynamics 365 applications share and model their data (and where CE data now resides) in a secure and easily customised manner! Think of the possibilities, sharing of data between CE and FinOps (easily intergrate CE’s Project Services Automation with Finance and Operations Project Management and Accounting and all the other possibilities….FIELD SERVICES WOAHHHHH)!


What if we could create our own business applications that feasts of this glorious collection of entwined, possibly customised pool of delicious data? WE CAN! POWERAPPS is the answer!

…”Will calm down”…


PowerApps is a new(ish) (for those who know Project Siena would argue with me and then I’d invite them to share a delicious beer because people who have that sort of knowledge is people I wish to be my friend) “high productivity development platform for business applications” (yeah you got me – that is Microsoft’s description). This allows you to EASILY build business applications that you can deploy to phones, tables and Dynamics 365 itself (including SharePoint and many other environments) – the only limit is your imagination. Personally I use it to build computer games, latest has been a Super Mario game that the accounts from CE are the ‘players’ and as you collect the coins in the game it updates the ‘players’ credit limit in CE (and due to it being integrated to Finance and Operations) it integrates there too!

Soooooooo… let’s conclude CDS = Amazing + PowerApps = Wonderful all-in-all come to the Hack-A-Thon, learn how to create your own apps and play some Mario, drink some beer, laugh at some awful jokes and eat some food!

If this excites you then click the button below!!!



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