Community Leader

Community Leader

You have earned this CL!

Congratulations you have been selected as a TDG Community Leader - this is due to your outstanding contribution to the community and your passion for the Microsoft product stack!

We look forward to growing the community, collaborating, helping each other and just having a great time whilst discussing the Microsoft Product stack together!

People who have earned this:

  • Megan Walker
  • Brett Rogers
  • Jamie Barker
  • Antti Pajunen
  • skusare
  • Rory
  • michelcarlo
  • lisacrosbie
  • Kasun
  • Ee Lane
  • Nijo Joseph
  • Samit Saini
  • anttipajunen
  • Mike Hartley
  • Charles Osei
  • 365Bruce
  • ShidinH
  • Victor Rodrigues

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