Common Data Service Introduction – CDS 101


Whats up friends!

This week we are doing a Common Data Service Introduction! aka CDS 101!

I am joined by Sarah Critchley aka DynamicCrmCat as she takes us through this introductory material to begin your journey with structured data!

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  • Is there any place where I can find the schedule of the Premiere in advance? That would help me in advance.

  • @DynamicCrmCat that was a good start I heard you mention non-profit sector could you explain this more in a future video please.

  • Thank you for arranging such session @Jon Levesque. Thank you @DynamicCRMCat. I wanted to ask the question which you actually answered in the end…. Plan 2 license.

  • Hi!

    Is it there a fast way to daily delete all records on an entity and then load new ones? I am talking about more or less 14.000 records every day. I have tried to do it with flow but I was wondering if there is a better way.

    Thank you!

  • really enjoyed this. were camera angles and desktop-share switched automatically, perhaps in teams, or is there a person at the controls switching sources ?

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