Connect Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to CDS – new CDS environment, integration, new entities & populations – Article Two


This article is part of a series of articles that is going to run you through setting up the following:

  • creating a new CDS database,
  • creating custom entities within CDS
  • creating an integration from F&O to CDS
  • Creating a new view
  • Exposing this new data within a CanvasApp

Article two of four – integrating Finance & Operations to CDS and creating a new view. Find part one here(!)

Now that we have our entity focused around projects we need to integrate it with Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations to fill it with some sweet, sweet data! Let’s head over to and go to “Data Integration” from within the navigation pane:

From here go to the “Connection Sets” tab and then “New connection Set”:

Give the connection set the name Project, then select your CDS environment and F&O environment – now a key part is stating the organisations you wish to connect. Provide the Legal Entity ID of the Finance & Operations company you wish to connect to and then the ‘org’ name of the CDS environment – found by going to then looking at the bracketed (org######) string – this is the  organisation ID

Then go to the “Projects” tab and hit “New Project”:

Provide your project with a name for example “F&OtoCDS” and then select the template “Fin and Ops to CDS” then hit ‘Next’:

Select the connection set you create earlier named “Project” and hit “Next”, then select the “Organizations” grouping you created along side the connection set earlier and hit “Next”. Then agree to the ‘Privacy notice and consent’ without reading it because, well, life is too short to be boring and not take risks – by hitting “Create”!!

You’ll then be greeted by your new Project! But currently it is an empty carcass that is achieving nothing – so hit “Add Task”:

Now, name your tasks “Project”, select the “Projects” data entity from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, select the “Projects” entity you created within the Common Data Service then select the “Organizations” created earlier. Then hit that big GLORIOUS button “Create”.

This will then create the new ‘Projects’ tasks, select the task which will then drill-through to allow us to start mapping between the two entities, map the following and hit “Save”:

Now for the exciting part, let’s execute/”run” this integration and see the data flood in! Hit “Run”! This will now kick-off the integration and take you to the “Execution history” screen

Then you’ll be greeted by the greatest sight of all a big green tick under the ‘Submitted’ column meaning it was successful:

Now let’s go check out that data – head back to and go to the custom “Projects” entity you created, now before we can see the data using the “Data” tab we need to create a new view, so go to the “View”  tab within the “Projects” entity and hit “Add View”:

Give your view a name and a description (if you’d like too) and hit “Create”:

Now select the fields from the left you want to appear on the view (simply by click on the ones you want will automatically transport the to the view) then hit “Save” then “Publish”:

Then go back to your entity (previous tab within your browser) and hit “Done” which will refresh and bring in your newly published “Main” view.

Now let’s go and check out the results, go to the “Data” tab and switch to the newly created view:

And now you can see all your awesome data (annoyingly i forgot i made some changes to my DE so the name hasn’t come in correctly but yours will be fine):

This concludes part two!


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