Connect Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to CDS – new CDS environment, integration, new entities & populations – Article One


This article is part of a series of articles that is going to run you through setting up the following:

  • creating a new CDS database,
  • creating custom entities within CDS
  • creating an integration from F&O to CDS
  • Creating a new view
  • Exposing this new data within a CanvasApp

Article one of four – creating a new CDS database and new entity (this is not a deep-dive more of a beginners run through, deeper dives will be created soon(!))

1] Creating a new CDS database:

Go to and  select “New Environments” located in the top-right hand corner of the screen, then provide a name, region and environment type as shown below:

Then hit create, a new dialog box will pop-up asking if you wish to create a new database – of course the answer is yes:

The next dialog box will ask for more settings related to the CDS environment, select the currency and language you want it to be deployed in and whether you wish for sample apps and data to be included in your environment then hit “Create database”.

Your new environment will be provisioned, give it some time but it will happen.

Now head over to so the real work can begin!

First we need to select the newly provisioned environment from the environment drop-down list located at the top of the screen:

Then from the navigation pane on the left hand-side go to “Entities” then ‘New Entity’:

A new dialog box will pop-up – provide this with a relevant display name, it will automate a plural display name but this can be changed if necessary, then a name for the actual CDS entity which cannot be changed once created.

Once all filled out hit “Next” this will spin up the new entity.

It will automatically place you in the “Fields” tab – hit”add field” and we are now going to create a series of these new field starting with “Project ID”. Provide the new field with a display name, name (system name that cannot be changed) and the data type of “Text”:

then hit “done” – now rinse and repeat this AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG process for all the fields show below (Contract, CustAccount, Customer Name, ProjectName):

Once you have completed all that hit “Save entity” and…

VOILA your first entity is created and thus completes the first article in this series! Click here for part two (which runs through integrating F&O to the CDS)!

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