Crisis Communication: A Power Platform template Walkthrough


This is a video in support of Microsoft’s efforts to create a solution to enable teams to collaborate in a time of crisis.

As per the PowerApps Blog

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“In early March as news of COVID-19 cases spread globally, Microsoft pulled together a team to help customers coordinate their own information sharing and team collaboration in response to evolving conditions in times of crisis.

Today, less than 48 hours later, we’re releasing the first version of that solution for any customer organization to quickly implement.”

The original PowerApps blog post is here at

Full instructions can be found here

This video includes
Introduction (0:00)
Creating an Office 365 Tenant (2:55)
Downloading the solution (10:08)
Creating a Sharepoint site (12:12)
Importing and running the Power Automate Flow (14:13)
Importing and configuring the User Power App (14:25)
Creating a Team (40:12)
Creating a Team and Configuring
Creating an Azure AD group (48:39)
Adding the App to the Team (51:30)
Creating the Teams notification Power Automate Flow (52:56)
Creating the Admin App (59:06)
Configuring the Admin App (1:07:10)
Using the Admin App (1:12:07)
Using the User App (1:20:41)
Installing the Power Automate Communications Flow (1:24:43)
Sharing the Crisis Communication App (1:35:42)
Using the User App for status reporting (1:37:08)
Installing the Power BI Monitoring Report (1:37:27)
Publishing the Power BI report (1:49:10)
Setting the Power BI Refresh schedule (1:52:51)
Pinnning the App to Teams (1:53:54)
Concluding Remarks (1:57:05)
Credits (1:59:41)

source TDG/Data Spinners

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  • thanks for the video walkthru in such a short time after release. I tried the microsoft doc but some things are not working. Hoping your walkthru will shed some insight of where i went wrong. Cheers.

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