Do you want to get up to speed in PowerApps?

Do you want to start building your business applications with PowerApps and don’t know where to start?

I’ve been working with PowerApps + Flow on top off Office 365 for a while, and as am always studying and learning new stuff, I came across with some different content sources to get updated.

Here are some excellent resources to begin with:

Developing Business Applications with Power Apps and Microsoft Flow edX Course

This course will get you started on creating your PowerApps and understanding the core concepts of the platform by excellent videos and labs. Quick and straight to the point. The course is free, but if you want to get a certificate from edX, you should pay a fee for that.

YouTube channels to Follow:

  • Shane Young’s Youtube Channel (Excellent demos for tricky scenarios involving PowerApps)
  • Audrie Gordon’s Youtube Channel (Day by day tips about PowerApps)

Twitter accounts to follow

Following we have PowerApps and Flow related twitter accounts, from specialists around the globe and Microsoft staff who are always posting news and good tips (if you don’t use Twitter I strongly recommend you to start and follow these guys):

Shane Young:

Pieter Veenstra:

William Dorrington:

Audrie Gordon:

James Olenik:

Office Dev PnP:

Paul Gallagher:

Chris O’brien:

Pratap Ladhani:

Melissa Hubbard:

Serge Luca:

Laura Rodgers:

Matt Wade:

Communities to get involved

PowerApps Community on PowerUsers – Official Microsoft Community forum for PowerApps. Here you can find lot’s of questions and answers, issues, and can even be answered by a Microsoft employee.

Those Dynamics Guys and PowerApps Bank – recently PowerApps bank added, which you can download cool samples for free.

Microsoft Sites:

PowerApps webinars from Microsoft

Do you know any other good resources or accounts to follow? Please leave it in the comments!

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