Dynamics 365 for Talent –a review

This blog gives a quick insight into the functionality offered by Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 for Talent system!

Attract module:

The new ‘Attract’ module, allows you to list all new jobs currently hiring and add the potential employees applying (including Linkedin integration):

An advanced profile can be built up of potential candidates, I’m pretty sure Chris is the right man for the job!

If you have found the right lady/man for the job then you can advance the process into the screening stage; this is where you can request candidate availability, interviewer availability and send on any feedback you may have to the interviewers- this is all integrated with Outlook where you can see interviewer availability immediately which adds that extra sprinkle of efficiency and awesomeness!

If the screening goes well you can ‘advance’ to an interview then to a job offer all in one screen that feedback into various other areas of the Talent Management System!

Benefits module:

The new benefits module allows you to list all benefits your company offers, assess the overall enrollment of the benefits through powerful Power BI infographics and dashboards:

Leave and Absence management:

Allows a company to specify the various types of leave and absence they allow for employees (and assign certain leave types to particular employees if they wish), see below. Although I could not see team management where I know other Partner IP does offer this as bolt-ons for existing Dynamics 365 for Operations environments.


The employees can use the self-service portal to request time off:


Personnel Management:

The personnel management area allows you to monitor all human resource related activity including; candidates to hire, starting soon, recent hires and leavers. On top of this you can use the tabs to monitor open positions and various Power BI driven analytics to get a snapshot of a company’s personnel metrics. To me it acts more as a workspace as you’d see in Dynamics 365 for Operations, where you can access information on the most pressing matters and initiate your more frequent tasks – a time saver!

Task Management:

This module wraps all you’ve seen in the other modules and allows you to stay on top of tasks that need to be carried out to keep the personnel management side of your business flowing smoothly. Look and see if there are any task related items linked to Onboarding, Offboarding and transitions, whether it be a new starter that needs to know where the coffee machine is or a party that is required for a leaver. According to the screenshot below I’m in for an EASY day!

Compensation Management:

Now on to the most important bit, well, MONEY- how do we reimburse this awesome pool of talent we have!? From the Compensation Management area you can see a snapshot summary of the various compensation plants your personnel are on, this is presented in a workspace with tiles, lists and graphs as we have grown accustom to in the Dynamics 365 world, break it down by department, region or job function at a click of a button!

View sleek Power BI charts to get that blood pumping:

And of course create new compensation packages where you can apply it to particular plans and how much the package will go up (or down if your cruel) each month, year, quarter etc.

Employee Development:

This area is completely devoted to beautiful Power BI charts letting the user know in a glance how many skills exist within the company where they sit in departments and the skill type! However, to set these up the user can select links and create all the various items that will be needed for an employee development solution.


The learning module is very much the same setup as the employee development module, WHAM hit by Power BI (nothing wrong with that) then a section for all the maintenance which populates the awesome charts such as setting up various courses and assigning them to employees etc.


The compliance module is location specific e.g. if you are in the USMF module (USA) you will see compliance related to I-9, however it does seem this module is at it’s most basic for the UK and only reports on Injury and Illness but as we know Dynamics 365 grows everyday, month, year and is becoming a BEAST- a force to be reckoned with so give it time!

Business Process:

In this area you can stipulate the various processes that related to Talent management in the company and initiate them e.g. emergency numbers:

Once the person kicking of the process has stated a desired delivery date the process starts and will be added to the many process tasks within the company to be completed:




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