Dynamics 365 User Group – Birmingham – 17 May 2018


Recently I had the pleasure of presenting at the D365 Birmingham User Group Meeting. Thanks to everyone that attended. Was really fun and I learnt a whole lot. For those of you that haven’t been to one of the D365UG meetings, and if you are utilising Dynamics 365, I suggest that you join and get involved.

I had the pleasure of following Julian Sharp, an absolute legend in the D365 world and a brilliant trainer whose focus is “Helping organisations make the most of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement through advice, optimisation and training”.

Julian gave a great presentation on the importance of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement exams and as well as how to prepare for them and how to study. You can follow Julian on twitter using this handle: @Julianatvigence or check out his blog here for some really useful information.

My presentation was focused on why brand perception is so important within a business and the ability to generate more meaningful conversations with your customers utilising Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

This presentation was a “Spin Off” of the one I did at the D365 User Group Summit event. I only used Microsoft Social Engagement as the channel of interaction rather than use a load of channels. More information regarding this session can be found in my next post (Awaiting Hyperlink).

Just a quick summary of what the User Group is all about… it’s not a sales pitch for Dynamics, but more of a community lead initiative that enables the community to help and assist one another regarding all things Dynamics 365 related. There is a big mix of Dynamics 365 customers, Partners, ISVs and even Microsoft guests.

I’ve found it massively useful because the people part of the community just want to help and share info. It’s a super relaxed environment that promotes learning and development. To find out more and to even register, follow this link and get stuck in. There are User Group chapters popping up all over the place. Hope to see you there.

Follow the Dynamics 365 UK user Group on Twitter using the following handle: @CRMUGUK

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