Dynamics CRM Deployment Models Vs. Drinking a Beer


Dynamics CRM Deployment Models Vs. Drinking a Beer

Recently I have been involved in various RFPs that have involved multiple elements of complexity and have required extensive research and thought regarding answers that we provided.In every single RFP questions regarding deployment models and architecture are always asked. Which is better? CRM on Prem. or cloud? What will work best for us? Please explain the differences between all the deployment models…Now before I start explaining Dynamics CRM

deployment models and diving into
architectures, I would like to state that after these types of very strenuous RFP processes, I generally like to unwind in a pub and give my poor brain a rest. After several beers I’m generally churning information and coming up with bright ideas for blog articles, along with texting the wife to let her know that I’m most likely going to be late.

This exact idea stemmed from one of these pub visits. I was reminded of a conversation I had had with a work colleague years ago in South Africa. I ran it past my current kung-foo master of sales, Mr. Stuart “No Code” Cassie, who has since collaborated with me on such concepts as comparing drinking beer to Dynamics CRM deployment models. So for those of you with a sense of humour, I encourage you to read on.

When asked deployment model related questions by people with a lesser understanding of Dynamics CRM, it’s always a bit tough to get them excited about how it all works. In order to relay this message in a creative and understandable manner, the 4 brilliant booze based comparative scenarios have been generated:

On Premise:

Like drinking beer at your own pub, which is a free house. You are responsible for choosing the beer, keeping it cold and for serving the beer. If you run out of beer, it’s your fault. Sometimes you will want to repair a fridge or stock up beer late at night, but your supplier will not be available. You may also require a beer at a random hour…. Choose your landlord carefully!!

Dynamics CRM On Premises deployments require an internal infrastructure that will support the solution that you have selected. Your internal IT department will be responsible for maintaining this infrastructure and making sure all works correctly all the time. If anything breaks that is out of their control, your supplier will need to help you resolve the issues.

Partner Hosted:

Like drinking beer at someone else’s’ pub, on a tab. They are responsible for keeping the beer cold and for the beer stock. But you choose the type of beer you want to drink from their long list, and if you decide that if you want some pork scratching’s and ready salted crisps, they will get some for you and add it to the tab. If you don’t want to drink beer any more, you can leave… but you still have to pay your tab. If a fridge breaks or beer runs out, they are responsible for making sure all is in order.

Dynamics CRM partner hosted deployments are hosted within the partners internal hosting infrastructure. The partner will be responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and service as well as supplying any extra components that may be needed.

Cloud (Online):

Like drinking beer directly from a pub located in the brewery grounds of your choice, but you pay per beer OR you can have a tab! You can leave when you feel like it. The beer is ALWAYS cold and it never runs out. You can have as much beer as you want! Service is normally really great… If the beer stops for any reason, they will apologise and provide some free beer to make it up to you 🙂

Hosting Dynamics CRM in the Microsoft Cloud guarantees great service, no internal infrastructure requirements and the ability to add or remove components based on requirements. This is a monthly investment and more simple to implement than any other deployment model.

Private Cloud:

Like drinking beer in a private box owned by the brewery at the Rugby or football – service is top notch, beer is always available in any quantity you choose but don’t expect much change left in your pocket at the end of the day

Private cloud deployments rely on Azure virtual servers hosted in the cloud. These are dedicated servers that contain only software and functionality relevant to your deployment. These types of deployments guarantee great service because they are hosted in the Microsoft cloud. They offer excellent flexibility and the ability to manage, to an extent, your own environments.

Whether you are installing Dynamics CRM or deciding on a pub, all options have their pros and their cons regardless of what you choose. Some customers are more focused on saving money whereas other customers are more focused on private, internally manageable solutions.

As you can see from the above descriptions, drinking beer can be equated to Dynamics CRM deployment models. I hope that this has both enlightened you and given you a bit of a laugh… it certainly was interesting to write. Thanks to Stuart for your vital input 🙂

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