Formula result view is coming to Preview environment!!


Today (3rd, Apr), one of the BIG highlight in April 2019 updates of Power Platform is released to our preview environment, called “View results of formulas and subformulas in canvas apps”.

In this post, I briefly summarise its update, How to enable/What we can/Limitation etc..

*  As of 3rd, April, this experimental feature is delivered to ONLY Preview environment.

Enable experimental feature

To use this feature, go to “Advanced settings” and turn on a toggle “Enable formula bar result view”.












No need to save/reload app to use feature.

View collection records

At present, to view collection records in canvas for testing purpose, we usually add tmp gallery/data table control into app, and then see a result of our formula, such as Filter, AddColumn, LookUp…

However, as compositions get more complex, it can become difficult to understand the impact of each function on the result.  This feature helps us to understand what’s happening.

To view a formula results, you will simply select some formulas/collection/variables.  Below is quite simple example, if you select collection in formula bar (colTest), you will see summary of table records.



For more practical use,  if we want to preview a result of multiple filter condition to some collection, select formula Filter(xxx, condition1, condition2…), then we can get result of operation.

This feature is not only for viewing collections/tables, but also getting result of other formula, such as Concatenate(text1, text2…):

We can now easily and quickly understand and debug our apps with this feature.


As far as I confirmed, there are some limitation for this feature;

  • Not support data source (unable to view records of some data source directly)
  • Not support nested collection (suppressed in view)

I think each of them is not critical for usual app making.

If I will find any further limitations/updates, will update this post.

Thank you!






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