How to Start Your PowerApps Journey


I have been ask this question very often – I want to learn Powerapps but HOW? Where do I get started? I am not familiar with Excel so how do I get started? Well, we all know there are lots and lots of resources out there but sometimes it gets overwhelming .

Here few simple steps to get started:

1.Initiate a PowerApps Project

The easiest way to learn is by getting your hands dirty and built something of your interest. It does not need to be a massive full fledged app, It can be something simple and functional like a game or a . The satisfaction of the getting an app up and running will motivate you to do more.

2. Try-Modify-Expand other Apps

There is a lot of complete/partial built app in the TDG PowerPlatform Bank and PowerApps App Gallery.I find you learn a lot by playing, modifying and expanding an already built App Not only it help pushes your imagination, it gives you a different perspective in terms of build and design

3. Take the EDX Powerapps course 

If you like a more structured learning, I would highly recommend to take the EDX course. It has cool tutorial by Powerapps Guru- Shane Young and hands on tutorials which covers Powerapps, CDS, and Microsoft Flow. Best part is it is free but you can also choose to pay for a verified certification.

4. Attend App-In-a-Day Training

Or even better, reach out to Microsoft to check if there are any App-In-a-Day Training in your area or convince your manager to organise one. It is always fun to do it with your colleagues and friends.

5. Ask-Ask-Ask

The Power Platform community is awesome and generous. So don’t be shy to ask if you hit a roadblock. You can either post your questions on the following platforms:

a. TDG “Ask a Question”
b. Powerapps Forum

Or simply post a question to any Powerappers on Linkedin or Twitter. 🙂

6. Collaborate

One thing I learn being part of the TDG community is sharing is caring :). Being selfish does not bring you anywhere. Do not hesitate to collaborate with anyone in the community. I have learned heaps by collaborating with the Japanese PowerApps community as well as the TDG community.

7. Powerapps Bible

There are few good resources if you want to learn more bout Powerapps Functions:

  1. The Powerapps Microsoft Doc is your go-to bible when you need a function reference.
  2. Vlogs and Blogs – You can find very useful PowerApps vid and blogs in TDG Media
  3. Twitter – Follow Powerappers like Brian Dang, Audrie Gordon, Hiro and Rory Neary and many many more

8. Practice – Practice – Practice

Yes. It takes time, patient and determination to learn something new. But it also takes lots of practice. I am not an Excel expert but I came from a programming background ( I am talking about 13 years ago so I am extremely outdated and rusty).and this is a huge learning curve for me. But anything is possible as long as you approach it with the correct mentality. So, all you need to do is approach it with the right mindset and you will get there.

Happy Power-apping! 🙂

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