How to associate #Azure Subscriptions with #PowerPlatform linked #AzureAD?


Registration of the #PowerPlatform application in #Azure is becoming inevitable in most projects. The most basic requirement is to expose the #PowerPlatform services to outside world. When you provision a #powerplatform subscription, Microsoft by default associates an #AzureAD to your subscription. This #AzureAD is only a directory without #Azure subscription linked with it. For using #Azure services, you will need to have #Azure subscription. You may have an existing #Azure subscription with lots of services in it and most often you wish to link the existing #Azure subscription with the new #AzureAD provisioned for the #PowerPlatform subscription. In this post, I list down the steps you will need to associate your existing #Azure subscription with newly provisioned #AzureAD linked with your #PowerPlatform.

  1. Go to your newly created #AzureAD by browsing:
  2. Sign in with your #PowerPlatform Credentials.
  3. You will have no subscriptions as per the below picture (You can see your subscriptions by searching Subscription in the search textbox).Go to Azure Active Directory. You will find the Azure Active Directory link on the left panel.
  4. Go to Azure Active Directory. You will find the Azure Active Directory link on the left panel.
  5. Go to Users and Click on the New User.
  6. Click on the INVITE User. Fill the form and invite the user associated with the #Azure subscription.
  7. Give the Administrator access to the invited user so the user can create applications and register endpoints.
  8. The contact associated with the #Azure subscription will receive an email to access accept the invitation.
  9. The next step is to login to the #Azure account with the subscription and access the subscription (by searching the word subscription on the search box).
  10. Click on the subscription to see the subscription details.
  11. From the command bar click on the “Change Directory”. You will see the #AzureAD which invited you to be move your subscription to it.





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