How to create resource in azure: Cognitive Services & PowerApps Part two


This is a carry on from How to create resource in azure: Cognitive Services & PowerApps Part one.

So now we have the “Text Analytics” resource setup let’s create the CanvasApp PowerApp, head over to and select apps- then import package, import the Text Analytics Canvas app from our TDG PowerPlatform Bank by clicking here!!!

Once the app has imported and you have opened it  go to – “View”>”Data Sources”:

Select, at the top left of the pane that opens, “+ Add Data Source” then “+ New Connection”,  then search for “Text Analytics”:

Then select “Text Analytics” then it will ask you for the “Account Key” & “Site URL” (which is actually the Endpoint URL), this can be found in Azure. Go to Azure, All Resources, then Select the “Text Analytics” resource you create in step one .

Then select either “keys” from the ‘Grab my keys’ main grouping or “Keys” from the Navigation pane “Resource Management” groupings:

Then copy your first key:

Then paste that back into the PowerApp Data Source under “Account Key”:

Now to grab the URL Endpoint, head back to Azure – go to “Overview”:

Then copy the “Endpoint”And paste that back into PowerApps in the “Site URL” field:

Then hit create.

Now you’re ready to use the app – explore the formulas and controls used, you’ll find it’s easy to replicate. If you have a question comment on this blog or reach out to William Dorrington directly via LinkedIn.




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