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The most common question that I’m asked is “I’m new to Power Apps, how do I get started?” Learning any new technology can be overwhelming. In this video I list the steps you need to take to start learning Power Apps. If you are brand new to Power Apps then this is the video to watch first.

I’ll cover how to get the correct accounts and development environment set up, how to get a base level understanding and where you can go to seek help.

Office 365 Develop Program:

Power Apps Community Plan:

Microsoft Learn Getting Started With Power Apps:

Power Users Community:

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  • Thanks a lot! Just started learning PowerApps yesterday and was confused how to get the right plan for me to just learn. The community plan tip helped me! 🙂

  • Thank you can you make an app where you can allocate a desk to a user coming back to work and add to a calendar social distancing at work

  • Hi April,
    Thanks for informative video.
    I would like to know as you have mentioned in video Microsoft 365 Developer Program subscription will available as long, we use tenant. But in website its shows 90 days. Please would like know do we have pay subscription charges after 90 days or tenant will be terminated.
    Deviprasad Shetty

  • I am the one who requested you to make a video for beginners. Thank you for making this video! That's what I was looking for. Please make a series of videos on it. We all will be following you.

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