Introduction to Mixed Reality in Power Apps – MR 101


What’s up Everyone?!

Today I am joined by Mariano Gomez Bent and we are introducing Mixed Reality in Power Apps and how you can get started with the technology right away!

00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – Introduce Mariano and content
02:25 – Mariano sets the context
03:00 – Acquiring and preparing 3D Models
08:00 – How to get the MR Controls enabled
12:15 – Build a 3D Viewer App
24:26 – Build a gallery to collect images of the 3D Model in your space
29:26 – Conclusion
31:00 – Connect with Mariano
31:50 – Get Subscribed

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  • Thank you Jon and Mariano, really awesome video, MR and 3D viewer are very powerful compared to the "lines of code" and the time you need to create and deploy this kind of applications!
    Just a simple question: what type of application is Mariano using to show and control his mobile phone from his laptop?

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