Jon Update – January 2020


What’s up friends?! Some big announcements today!

First no back surgery!
Second, the Power Platform Show!
And finally, The Power Platform Online Conference!

Woot woot!

So excited to not have to go under the knife, and to be able to bring you some new and fresh content regularly!

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Let’s do this!

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  • 1. Summit doesn't count as Travel so their is that :P.
    2. Ignite must be 1 of those 10.
    3. I have spoken

  • Love it Jon! Great to hear the back is improving. The show and online conference sounds next level and works great for me being all the way over in Australia.

  • Really glad about your back Jon!
    The new stuff for the coming year really seem interesting, will be monitoring the feeds to see the details as they roll out.
    I hope what within those 2020 travels that we'll have the chance to bear hug once again.
    Cheers, luv, respect!

  • Jon, thanks for keeping us posted on where things a going.

    Glad to hear you’ve found a way around surgery!

    Do you ever cover Logic Apps?

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