Just So You Know Episode 1 – Don’t Punch people for TV’s


Whats up friends!

Welcome to the Jon and Kent JSYK – Just So You Know, Podcast!
We will discuss technology in all of its forms. Consumer, emerging, line of business and more!

Today we discuss Black Friday, The new iPhone XS series, and the ever shrinking bathroom on airliners!

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– Jon

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  • One Plus phones are great Jon, had my five for 18 months now, a good solid phone and had no issues with it. Enjoy Amsterdam, I love the tram network there and there is an old prison that has been converted to a hotel which is really cool. I am sure we shall be seeing a video of your trip.

  • "Don't… punch other people… for televisions." I was on the fence until the "for televisions" part at the end 🙂

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