Mail Merge using Flow and Word Connector

  • Epic video! I was trying to do this with append to array variable but was struggling. The select method seems much easier. Question: I'm trying to start a mail merge flow from powerapps, populate word, convert to pdf, save as attachment to sharepoint, and then return to powerapps pdf viewer. I'm stuck on returning for view in pdf viewer. Any thoughts/suggestions?

  • *soft voice* back in simpler times…

    “But can you do a mail merge? Because mail merges are hard…”
    I’ve watched this far too many times now XD

  • Hi Keith
    I like the head gear !
    You do not explain how to get the data into the CDS in the first place.
    CAn you explain that please ? Also how can you do it with out using CDS, but say a SharePoint list or Excel Spreadshhet ?

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