Microsoft Flow Approval Time Outs & Escalations


Whats up friends!

I have been getting a lot of requests lately to show how to do Approval timeout, escalation and retry. So i decided to put together this video!

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  • Great Video as always! so much more simple than the way i was trying to do it with conditions and delays. Still wish they would just add a recurrence type option to approval and emails to send out the same message on a regular interval.

  • More tips and tricks like this please Jon. Can you add MailChimp into the mix sometime as I want to use it for GDPR and integrate this with SharePoint. COuld you work with MailChimp on this. Suggest you explain a little bit about how flow plan 1 and 2 work as I think I get it but am not sure. All simple stuff for those in the know but is confusing for those that are not. Can you look at the June update of Office by your colleague Jim Naroski and Training Services. Please note I have not looked at the offerings there as I think this may be private at the moment. Hope you get all of that, sorry for the detail, have a great day.

  • Great stuff Jon, keep it coming.

    Just try to remember the screen zoom level. Could be bigger… you know go large… ,)

  • Like the video. I tweaked my version so the Retry on Approval is a parallel action, you could also do the retry policy to get the reminder sent. Keep up the fun short videos 🙂

  • Great video. Short and to the point and loaded with good content. Enjoyed the videography as well!

  • Sounds like the kiddos are partying while you're working! Enjoyed the video! Thanks for the help!

  • There's a difference between Jon's flow and Merwan Hade's, which he references. The difference is where my flow is failing. Merwan says to Configure Run After on the 1st Condition to run after the 2nd Condition is skipped. Jon's flow does not address this. . . I suspect Merwan is the one who's wrong, since my flow, modeled after his, is failing. Any feedback to help me over this hump?

  • Great video.  Is there a way to send an second approval to a managers manger without knowing the name. So for example, when using the Get Manager function, outlook365users will know the name of the manager from AD, but is there a way to use AD to send that second approval to the Managers manager.  I am using this for a Leave request approval.

  • Interesting topic, but, it is possible add people on email CC ??, this would be useful to the follow-up also to have this process more efficient.

  • I am including an approval action while reading an excel file, I am doing this using the For each command per every row, the thing is that the first approval action waits until the approval is finished to launch the approval of the next row… Is there anyway to launch multiple approvals asynchronously ?

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