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What’s up everyone!

Today I am creating this Microsoft Flow Approval Video with Forms in response to a request from @DynamicsAXFico on Twitter to make a video on Getting Data from attachments.

READ THIS FIRST – This video is the continuation of the #FOTW Blog written here:


For the funny bit, be sure to watch until the end!

In the video I make a Flow that has a Microsoft Form that acts as a project request form. We move that data into SharePoint, we build an Approval and then all the subsequent actions!

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  • The two approval videos you've done have been from lists, where the item resides elsewhere and gets tacit approval. What if I want specific approval for an item added to my document library before it becomes visible in my doc library?

  • I'd like to create thar flow: I created a wordpress site, where people of my telegram group can make tickets for assistence and a ticket is complete an email is send to my email account ( the email is like that: Name: Xxx username telegram: Xxx request:xxx ) i want to create a flow that everytime i recive the email of the ticket message to the telgram staff group is send with the same text of the mail , can i do this with Microsoft flow? Or only with IFTTT

  • PNWAdventureGuy Thanks for the great walkthroughs. I am working on a similar project. I was told I needed to turn my fields on Sharepoint to text fields for it to work. The problem I am encountering is that the nature of the request requires for the requestor to detail what they need. So my flow is failing due to the limit of 255 characters on the text fields in sharepoint. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hey, nice video. Just a question, what would be the workflow for tracking an email over time? Say training an expiring date of attachment/email?

  • Thanks for the demo! Quick question though, is there a way to get the Approval from a field in Forms rather than having to use a buffer SharePoint list to trigger the approval status gathering?

  • Hello, thank you for the demo. Do you know if there is away to generate an actual link to User Form Submission as opposed to a SharePoint replica?

  • Thank you for the demo. Is there away to have multiple approvers, each approver has a different escalation approver and then after receiving approvals from all approvers all connecting to one condition? Please advise.

  • Hi Jon, any way to get the person that submit the form in the SharePoint list. The form is only distributed inside my organisation. looks like i always need to ask for email in the form if i need to log the answers in sharepoint list

  • Hey buddy, excellent video! nailed it. Is there a way to make another flow for that list with columns say 'leave day' 'return day' show up in a calendar?

  • Hi guys.. I have problem about sending email attachment PDF file 879 KB. In run history it has status Succeeded but it did not sending the email. Hope you guys help me.. Thank you.

  • When an Approver rejects a request instead of ending the Flow and uploading a new document into SharePoint, is there a way for the Flow to revert back to the previous action?

  • How come im getting error on the Approval action, help please.

    BadRequestB . The request failed. Error code: 'InvalidApprovalSubscribeRequestAssignedToMissing'. Error Message: 'Required field 'assignedTo' is missing, empty, or contained no valid users.'.

  • Is this demo using the "Business Process Flow" level of licensing or is this doable with the "Teams" level license?

  • hey john – great video, I have a question on the embedded form you are using. It has a banner picture at the back, but on MS forms there is no option. has that form been made in something else ?

  • Hi Jon – Thank you so much for this video, it has helped me to create a working flow. One question: My flow reads data requests when they are submitted through MS forms and then creates a task card in MS Planner. Is there a way to use the Rand function in Flow to assign each request with a random and unique number please, when the task card is created in Planner? Cheers, Jess

  • Hey Jon. Is there a data input limitation using this method? I get an "Invalid Text Value" error sometimes after a response is filled out and the item won't create in SharePoint. Otherwise this was a great template! I currently have a flow based on this used in our org and it works great! Thanks!

  • Hi, Jon! Is there, by chance, any way that I can combine or pool results from different forms together to analyze the data? For example, if I were a teacher giving the same quiz to multiple classes, or one class per semester, but want to keep the forms separate for comparison sake, is there a way to combine the responses (perhaps in sharepoint) to analyze that data?

  • Great video, but way too fast with the clicks and dialogue. It's a good way to get 20 views per viewer so good job with that tactic 😉

  • this video helped me a lot. thank u so much… and I have a question .. is there any possibility when the form submitted, it should generate an automatic reply with a reference number??? Is there any possibility for that.. please let me know… thank u

  • I have multiple choice approvers on my form, how do I edit my flow to accommodate any and or all approvers?

  • Hello Sir!
    I followed all the steps but i got error on the second step of Get user profile. The error is Action failed, no dependent action succeeded. Can you please help me what can i do now?

  • Thank you Jon. Is there a way to print or convert to pdf the survey created in Forms? I need this as soon as possible please…

  • Hello Jon, thank you for your tutorials. I can now create a 3 multi- approval flows. Question: I now want to get data from forms and send to SharePoint then flow for approvals. Challenge is I struggled with your Parserr guideline; do you have another case scenario.. and oops.. your images did not load as well.

  • Hallo 🙂 i have a question about the flow. I want to get one E-Mail after 10 people fill the Form. How can i change the Option to get only one E-Mail after ten people fill the Form? Thank you in advance for the Information.

  • Hi John just wondering is there a way to incorporate an approval flow that sends the email to a certain person based on 1 part of the form response. For example if the form asks the country of origin and its Australia it sends the approval request to John Smith, if it says England then it sends to Joe Blog

  • Hey Jon, love the video thanks. All working for me, kinda. Please help.

    When I set the Condition to Response>is equal to>Approved, and I approve the flow when I receive it, it doesn't take an action. If I change it to "does not contain" Approved, it takes the action.

    I can figure it out. Any help would be appreciated, thanks again. Paul

  • Jon, Isn't Title a required field on lists? I'm clearly doing something wrong, because I cant figure out how to not have title required on my sharepoint site, so I cant update items without updating the title every time.

  • Hi Jon
    I’m using MS Forms and have created a flow that updates a SP list. The issue is that not every one of my response items shows in the Dynamic content list. for example start time and end time do not show, but i know this is recorded in the form. is there a reason why this is missing? i have other questions which are also missing when i try to map to my sharepoint list.

  • I have used Send form responses fro approval template but create item in Sharepoint list is not working correctly giving me ActionBranchingConditionNotSatisfied error. Can you please help me?Thanks

  • This flow works great for many different applications that i am using in a public school district. I have one question if there is 2 approvals in the apply to each if the fist approval is denied how does it stop the flow from continuing to the next approver . Thanks

  • Hey Jon, great video i get stuck nearly towards the end. At 'update item' the approval status box does not pop up when i select my list from sharepoint. Online i read that is not available yet. How can i make this work? Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Jon – Do you know of any way to use Flow to achieve these steps:

    1.) Client fills out form asking to upload a file (name, email, institution, etc.)
    2.) That form goes to internal team member for approval
    3.) Upon approval, that client gets a link sent to them where they can privately upload their file (Sharepoint or Onedrive).
    4.) That file gets ingested to an internal sharepoint/onedrive folder for processing.

    I'm having trouble with step 3 – any help is greatly appreciated!


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