Microsoft Flow – Business Process Flows Introduction


Whats up Friends! In this video, myself and Karan from the Flow Team are going to show a Business Process Flow (BPF) use and how to add steps into one!

Stay tuned as we build more BPF’s in future videos as well!!

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Later friends!

– Jon

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  • Jon , great taster introduction to this offering, the first one I have seen. If I understand it right can this amalgamate many flows used in a process to one complete process or is it a completely different animal from flow itself.

  • Nice introduction of the Business Process Flow, thank you. 😁
    I can feel what is it, what the difference of now Flow, what the scenario for use these.
    I hope AI for the Business Process Flow like next Microsoft Forms, like auto recommended questions.

  • Thanks for this great, easy to understand intro…and for calling out the plan 2 requirement, we'd been chasing that one for a while!

  • Hi Jon, thanks for doing this. The Plan 2 requirement, is that for builders of the BPF or all users of the BPF (kind of a non-starter)? Also,
    as other users have asked, I too would like to understand how to link to the BPF.

  • Jon, let me ask you something.

    Are Business Process Flows exclusive to Dynamics 365, or can i use them with O365, we ran SAP and would like to use flow and integrate it with flow and Business Process Flows.

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