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Welcome Friends to the Microsoft Flow Online Conference 2019!

I am your host for the Day Jon Levesque.

Our schedule is located here:

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Today it is my distinct honor to take you on this journey to gain Flow knowledge and also to get a bit of nature and Mountain eye candy as well, bringing both of my two worlds together for your viewing pleasure!

We have 18 of the worlds best teachers with us today to help guide you, and i will be here to answer any questions you might have!

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Much Love From Me!

– Jon

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  • Please tell the folks creating content to test audio before finalizing their content. The CDS section has way too much keyboard and mouse noise.

  • Awesome agenda! So nice to see everyone and hear from the best of the best! I'll be visiting back and forth during the day. (Wonderfully organized Jon!)

  • Hi , I cannot see link from where I can start attending sessions online. Is there any specific link to join live conference? I have registered for this event.

  • Hi, this is Mark from Germany; I just lost my connection, how do I get back into the live stream, it just shows the starting countdown again?

  • With Flow, can we do a user dialogue more directly than via email? For example, we may ask an input via email or with "create an approval", but then the next step may be a lot later, depending how fast the user is in answering their emails… Can I ask input during the run-time of the flow?

  • For the approval flow example, the flow ended even if changes to the document were requested. Would it make sense to capture this with a loop instead and go an asking approval again as long as the answer is "Change Requested"? Or is it better to capture this in a new instance of the flow triggered when the document is modified? Just wondering what's more consistent how Flow is meant to be used…

  • So much great info!  But I'm not seeing anything that would allow me to auto-print a daily calendar from Office 365. Anyone have any ideas?  Is it even possible?

  • I like the demo given by Cervaro who is the Engineer on the Flow team. I have a question though about using approval connector to create custom approval responses. How does the outcome look like in Teams and Outlook when you select all responses must be approved or custom "Send Document" meaning, if anyone rejects or select custom response "Document not ready" it shouldnt send the document to customers.

  • hi, my name is sartono

    Indonesian country

    Tolitoli City

    Central Sulawesi Province

    very good subject matter

  • Can someone please breakdown the session timings? It's almost impossible to go through the whole 9 hours in one shot haha – thank you!! 🙂

  • 00:0032:10 – Shane Young – "Why I love Microsoft Flow – aka Intro to Flow"

    32:4758:36 – Melissa Hubbard – "Getting Started with Flow Approval"

    1:00:301:25:08 – David Patrick – "Intro to CDS inside of Microsoft Flow"

    1:27:521:56:52 – Anton Robbins – "Things you should know before you Flow – aka Best Practices"

    2:00:002:26:00 – Sean Bugler "Tell a Better Story with Flow"

    2:30:002:50:41 – Elaiza Benitez "Delaying an email to certain individuals"

    2:59:513:25:07 – Daniel Christian – "PowerApps and Flow – A one-stop shop for social media communication"

    3:30:003:55:48 – Tomasz Poszytek – "Scopes and run after. Make your Flow running errorless."

    4:00:004:18:54 – Sandy Ussia & Daniel Laskewitz – "Flow Pro Show Episode 7"

    4:29:424:59:11 – Scott Shearer – "Flow for SharePoint Designer Workflow Developers"

    5:00:375:25:20 – Sarah Critchley – "Get started integrating Cognitive Services in Model Driven Apps using Microsoft Flow"

    5:29:415:58:00 – Gabriel (Galo) Corvera – "Using Adaptive Cards in Approvals and Microsoft Teams"

    6:00:176:21:14 – Devin Knight – "Power BI Streaming Datasets using Microsoft Flow"

    6:29:396:56:32 – Haniel Croitoru – "You've got an error in your Flow? Great, let's deal with it"

    6:59:557:25:14 – Vivek Bavishi – "Sending .vcf contact cards using Flow"

    7:29:507:55:22 – Joe Unwin – "Getting started with Microsoft Flow custom connectors"

    7:59:528:17:58 – Geetha Sivasailam – "Microsoft Flow and Azure DevOps – Real World Scenarios"

    8:30:008:59:57 – John Liu – "5 Design Keys to make Flows run insanely fast"

  • Hey everyone! Thanks for an awesome conference! If you watched my session at 07:29:17 and want to get the notes and guides checkout:

    There's also additional guides on there if you wanted to move further down the path than what I had time to display here today.

    I'm also on twitter if you have any questions feel free to direct message me.

  • Flow Flow Flow … Why don't you let people know that you can make use of Flow only if you have Azure?

  • Is that true that from Oct 1, 2019 there will be no free Flow plan available anymore?

  • Hello….sirr…..I need solution of my laptop issue black screen issue what should I dooo sirr plzz tell me….plzz….

  • 27:05 My dynamic content shows "NO DYNAMIC CONTENT AVAILABLE". I tried saving the flow and reopening it but it still didn't work.

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