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Karan and I are back to talk about BPF – Business Process Flows again, but this time we are showing off the next level experience with Immersive BPF!

As of 7/3/19 – This is a PREVIEW of a feature currently in development. This is not available for use yet, but will be coming to preview environments soon!

Check out the new immersive BPF’s and how you can skip several steps compared to how BPF’s used to have to be made! To compare, check out my previous BPF Playlist –

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  • Possible silly question, how does CDS integrate with DynamicsCE 365, can these BPFs and forms easily write to Dynamics?

  • Triggered Process is the next thing I am excited to see how develops. As of right now I would have to create a separate workflow/flow pr step if I wanted to trigger something different pr step (as of my understanding). Would be interesting to see if we could get at parameter inn here, so I only have to create 1 workflow/flow and then check to see what stage I was in, and from there decide what to do.

    Maybe this I possible already, but I am just not sure how to:)

  • Fantatic tutorial guys, great content!!! Keep it up.

    When will the "Common Data Service" == None(*), be available in the Business Process Flow builder?

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