Microsoft Flow Preview – Location Based Triggers!


Whats up Friends?!

Check out one of the latest features being developed by the Microsoft Flow Interns and come see how i then use it against them!

We have a fun time showing you how a location based trigger can work and the early preview for this awesome new feature!

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  • Now if the granularity of the location could be mapped to locations inside a building, I would be SUPER happy. For instance, I currently work in a hospital and we could implement something when a practitioner (nurse) enters a room or a certain area. I used to work in manufacturing where I would love to see a manager be able to walk by a production (or packing) line and instantly check KPI data for THAT line. Is this going to be possible?

  • Is this feature live? And is there a way to connect it with Staff Hub? Would love to automate a sign-in process this way!

  • Nice feature, Nice peoples, Nice Movie. 🤣
    I love the no-touch feature of Microsoft Flow.
    for notify a enter boss to office, for notify leave the member from office.
    I hope more no-touch feature on Microsoft Flow, like specific app notification is received, sign-in the phone with a finger touch.

  • Big kudos to the team there Jon. This is a really exciting space to be aprt of at the moment as everything develops so fast! I currently use an android tool (Automate) for getting my long lat at 10AM + bing maps API to get a location, and then a http call to a Flow to update a SP list for team whereabouts. Everything fell into a heap because most of the team are on iPhone and I have no clue about that for doing the non Flow parts. When this is released, will we have access to the current Lat and Long info without using the geofencing as the trigger? e.g. hope I will be able to update my current system to use Flow entirely to schedule a flow at 10AM and use this info. Thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work.

  • Is it possible to trigger an event on multiple sites on the same trigger using a list of XY coordinates from a Excel file for instance

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