Microsoft Flow Tutorial – Approvals In Teams: Adaptive Cards


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Today we bring back Daniel Laskewitz showing you part 2 of Microsoft Flow Approvals v2 in Teams and adaptive cards and how you can build one for yourself!

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  • This is fantastic, but even better would be a way to send the Approval card to Teams AND via email. If there were a "Send an adaptive card in an email" action, or a way to wrap the adaptive card content to drop into one of the existing "send email" actions, that would be great! We have a LOT of folks jumping on the Teams bandwagon, but probably just as many vehemently sticking with email as their preferred contact mechanism, so sending Approvals to both would be an amazing option to have.

  • Ah… that’s why I couldnt use adaptive card, because I have choosen a wrong approval action! Thx guys 🙂

  • I might have missed something but does it use a default adaptive card template (you didn't have to make one) for all approvals?

  • Hi, is there any way to edit the default Approval adaptive card? I managed to get to the JSON however when I change anything (even cosmetic) then Approve and Reject buttons return with "Unable to reach app. Please try again".

  • Great work – Thanks for sharing. Some lovely tips.
    It shows how easy is to take Flows approval process and present them as Adaptive Cards in MS Teams.

    All about saving the users/teams having to go anywhere else to work – A real productivity boost.


  • Great video. The “Requested by” always has the flow owners name. That’s a problem if we are building flows that will be used organization wide. Any fixes coming to that on the roadmap?

  • Hi,
    great video, but it seems to be not working in Team Channels. When I post an Approval in a channel the Adaptive Card doesn't update and the approval gets stuck. In a direct chat in teams everything works fine. Is there a bug?

  • Hi,

    Great video. I used the same strategy to send an approval flow. The strategy is to use the comments to update a share point column, but unfortunately it seems it is not possible to get the comments out of the “wait for approval”. The share point columns results to be blank when comments are used to populate it. Any ideas?

  • I had one problem with the adaptive card coming from the Approval Flow action. The comments I can make in an approval are not coming through. Something is not working right.

  • Thank you for the tutorial. I tried that, but unfortunately the json-code produced by the "Create approval"-event is malformed at the "CreationTime". So I get a message from the flow-bot with the json-code instead of the card.

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