Microsoft Flow Tutorial – Create automated email follow ups


Hey Friends,

In this video i show you the #Flow and #SharePoint list that helps manage our Flow of the Week series!

You will learn about the compose action, the delay until action, and how to create a SharePoint list with a few columns, all coming together to power a very cool Flow!

If you want to use my expressions for the Compose action, here they are below:

Publish Date-Time: formatdatetime(triggerBody()?[‘Publish_x0020_Date’],’dddd MM/dd/yyyy’)

Title Description Deadline: formatdatetime(triggerBody()?[‘Title_x002f_Description_x0020_De’],’dddd MM/dd/yyyy’)

I think those will definitely help!

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Thanks so much!
– Jon

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  • That could work with a newsletter content reminder we have in a club I belong to. Can you do a post on the premium offering of flow and how these work etc.

  • Nice. Many persons will start to create this flow, without developers.
    So, I hope HTML edit/preview capability for the body of send mail like WORD for the persons who don't have HTML knowledge. <3

  • The flow will be more useful, When the items can change the item's date after creating and before sending notification, and remove the item to cancel it.
    Currently, the item on SharePoint list can NOT change after once create.
    Because, when a item on SharePoint list, new flow start, that can NOT cancel.

  • Thanks great info.

    How do you manage the limit of 2k flows per month When used by multiple users a month?

  • I have built a similare Flow for managing our monthly News letter. Simply put, it starts with the SharePoint item being created, sends an assinged to email, then a 14 day reminder, 5 day reminder and 1 day reminder. I included some conditions so if they have it done before the 1 day reminder it wont nag them. it is a work in progress but so much better than the process before…. Great Work Jon!!! keep up the FlowToos (like How Toos but with Flow, yes you can use that)

    One thing i have started doing as i get more and more flows built is Renaming the items and steps as I go thru. So instead of it sayinging "send an email" and "send an email 2" rename them to "FIrst Reminder – Send an email" and so on. Might be worth doing a "best practices" something to show your ideas of managing and keeping track of the Flows.

  • New Product Introduction (NPI). I helped define the process for a large company for NPI some years ago (pre-Flow). There were numerous tasks that had to be tracked across R&D, Marketing, Service, Sales, Finance, all of the geographies, etc. This level of automation would have been huge!! You could add a feedback mechanism to update the status of the task from the individual back into SharePoint.

  • How do you handle edits? So, if a user goes and modifies the due date, will the email be sent as per old date (when item was created).

  • Great tutorial.

    This is a nice example for a countdown situation.

    How would you handle a count up situation, like a reminder something is overdue, so keep sending an email every week if the item is more than 2 days overdue?

  • Maybe this is a dumb question, but why did you use a parallel branch for this and not just run all the actions in sequence? I mean, they all need to happen in a specific order, so series would seem to make more sense.

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