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Microsoft Flow Tutorial – Dude Where’s My Car

Hey Flow Fans!

Myself and my friend Kent got together again to make a new Microsoft Flow Tutorial! We decided to take on another pop culture item and so we took on Dude Where’s my car, because I’m always forgetting where to park! Come along with us and check out our journey and also learn how to build a location tracking Flow!

In this video we use a few different pieces of tech.

Microsoft Flow
The Bing Maps API
Flow Buttons

What do you guys think? Should Kent and I do more videos together like this? What should we build next?!

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  1. Can you do some deep dives on the expression side of things, like how do I separate a filename into three when we have (first – middle – last.pdf) there is a lot on the general flow side of things but when it come expressions and worked examples this. Some of like using flow as hobby but find stuff on the web a little technical.

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