Microsoft Flow Tutorial – Expenses Tracker


Hey Flow users!

Have you ever found yourself enjoying your time on a business trip only to find that then you get home and have to deal with the hassle of organizing and submitting your expenses?!

Well stress no more, because there is a solution from Microsoft Flow that will make all of your expense tracking totally a breeze. In this video, I will show you how to create this Flow and how to go out and use it in the real world!

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  • Thanks for the video Jon. So far in the SharePoint list the "created by" does not show the one who started the Flow but the one who created it. Is there a way to get the name of the submitter?

  • Nice flow, Nice scenario, and Nice Movie with no-code 🤣
    This is Microsoft Flow, This is Button of Microsoft Flow.
    This can create the button on Phone with no-code, and some minutes by every one.

    a idea – The response of this button show monthly total expenses, or weekly total expenses.

  • Thanks, Jon! This was so helpful and we are already implementing it at work for invoice expense tracking to eliminate multiple paper trails!

    Quick question… are you able to convert the .jpeg image you take into a PDF so that you email a PDF and not an image? I don’t mind it on Sharepoint as an image, but our finance department prefers PDFs.

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