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This week is a Tutorial about the Forms Pro Connector with Business Applications MVP Megan Walker – Follow her on Twitter : Http:// and on YouTube

Come along with us as we discuss what is Forms Pro, how it is used, and how to connect it with Microsoft Flow!

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  • I need to make a specific approval flow with multiple approvers and that every time the mail is placed in the sharepoint list I send the approval only to the specific approver

    I can do it?

  • Hi Jon, this is absolutely awesome and vital information. It really really warrants more attentions. Please, please, please bring Megan back to break all this down, dissect it, and decompose it into smaller, shorter videos show us exactly how she created each form and flow. This will be invaluable to your viewers and potentially increase subscribers substantially. Please do consider. Thanks again for all you do! So very much appreciated.

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